You Are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful

You are beautiful.

You Are Beautiful: In our world today, it is easy for teenagers and adults to feel insecure and compare themselves. Most of us look at ourselves in the mirror just to point out our flaws.

We are not created to look like one another, but we are to be different. When the desire to judge ourselves comes, let us cast it away.

Our heavenly father did not create us to hate ourselves because he created us all with love. As children of God, we have to learn how to love ourselves so that we can do our best in life.

Someone can be better than you in terms of appearance, intelligence, and possessions, but our qualities are unique too. Jesus Christ knows that we are struggling with our self-image and concepts.

It’s important for us to learn to love our flaws and imperfections. Let us focus on the greatness of our bodies and give thanks to God.

Before you hate yourself again, remember that there are people who are sick. Giving thanks to God is really important for all the great things he is doing for us, like our health.

Social media can be toxic.

You Are Beautiful pt2

Most of us in the current world have social media on our phones. Social media was created so that we could connect with our loved ones in faraway places.

With everything being digitalized, we started to compare ourselves with everyone on the internet. Teenagers and adults compare their successes and appearances with those of the those of the people that they follow.

As Christians, we have to know that our Lord has a reason for creating us all differently. Compete with your previous self; make sure that you are improving yourself because that will help you become better.

Every day of our lives, we are all on social media, so we must be careful about what we consume on the internet. When the desire to look down on yourself comes, cast it away in the name of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ didn’t come to die for us so that we could live our lives hating ourselves. Practice self-love and heal your soul with the word of God so that the enemy won’t win over you.

If we hate ourselves, that will affect our confidence and make us not believe in ourselves. God has created us all to do great things in life, and if you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t do it.

What Did God Say About You?

You Are Beautiful pt3

Some of us are seeking approval from everyone around us and doing everything to please them. We are to live for God only because only he is our savior, and we are to serve him alone.

Most Christians are afraid of letting their friends know that they are Christians so that they appear cool. Displeasing God just to please your friends will only land you in trouble.

When you have life challenges, some of your friends will run away, and only God will stand by you. God said that he created us in his image and after his likeness, so why are we not loving ourselves?

Our heavenly father said in the Bible that we are fearful and wonderfully made, so why are we still hating ourselves?

We have to stop hating and judging ourselves when our creator loves us so much. It’s time for us to agree with all the wonderful things that God has said about us in the Bible.

The way we speak to ourselves can affect the way we love ourselves, so speak kindly to yourself.

  • He brought you forth on the day you were born (Psalm 71:6).
  • His thoughts toward you are countless, like the grains of sand on the shore (Psalm 139:17–18).
  • He chose you when He planned creation (Ephesians 1:11–12).
  • You are not a mistake (Psalm 139:15–16).
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