You Are Created For Greatness

You Are Created For Greatness

You are created for greatness.

You Are Created For Greatness: Currently, in our world, many of us are afraid of believing that we are great. Some of us came from backgrounds where thinking of greatness is not encouraged.

Many of us have been bullied in our childhood, which has made us not believe in ourselves. No matter how bad your past is, just let it go and start believing in yourself.

You can’t achieve anything in life if you don’t know your own worth in Christ. God has created us all with talents, gifts, skills, and purposes in order for us to use them.

Everyone of us has different talents, skills, and gifts inside of us, so why don’t we use them?

We have to make time to discover ourselves and also understand ourselves more. When you have discovered yourself, that will help you know where you can be great.

Your talents and gifts have the ability to sustain you for the rest of your life if you are hard-working. If you feel like you don’t know your talents and gifts, think about what you have a passion for.

There are skills that you can still learn both online and offline, so mastering them well will take you places. Skills like making hair, bags, clothes, computer skills, painting, and so on.

How to Discover Yourself

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We have to take discovering ourselves seriously if we really want to be great in life. So it is important that we make time to understand what we like or dislike.

Nobody is coming to save you in this life, so you must save yourself no matter the situation. Don’t let your age stop you from discovering yourself and your greatness. Don’t you ever think you’re too old to start something new?

No matter what your age is in this life, there are still great things in it, so discover them. We have to learn to continue learning, no matter what age we get.

  • What do you have a passion for?
  • What talents or gifts do you have?
  • What skills do you want to learn?

When you’re done writing down all these questions with all honesty, I’ll help you improve. Answering these questions can be hard for some people, but just take your time.

As Christians, we already have the Holy Spirit inside of us that can help us answer questions, so don’t fear. Write down all the answers and keep them here so you can look at them every day.

Make plans and work them out.

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Writing down your goals or dreams is not enough if you want to be great. Remember that your passion must not be the same as that of your best friend or a family member.

When you’re done writing down your talents, gifts, and skills, you have now made a plan. We have to learn how to make plans in order to achieve our goals in life.

If you want to learn a skill, do research on it.

  • how you can learn it, 
  • cost of learning the skills and where.
  • Benefits of the skills

Maybe you have the gift of singing, making bags, clothes, shoes, acting, and so on. Make a plan on how you can make people see your gifts. Hiding your talents or gifts won’t make you great in life unless you’re not interested in making them public.

  • What events can you attend?
  • How can you improve your talents or gifts?
  • How can you use it to your advantage?

We have to know that if you don’t have the desire to show off your gifts or talents to the world, all is fine. No matter the position of the job you find yourself in, do your best at it.

After making out plan make sure that you put in your effort in order to achieve it. We must remember to involve God in everything that we do.

Maybe your dream is to work for a company or become a doctor, lawyer, nurse, baker, chef, painter or lecturer. Make sure to do your best. God expects us to do our best in everything that we do because we are representing him.

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