You Control What You Name – Prophet Lovy Elias

You Control What You Name - Prophet Lovy Elias

You Control What You Name – Prophet Lovy Elias

There are truths that transcend time and space. These truths guide us toward our destiny. Among these truths is a profound revelation: “What you name, you can control.” Prophet Lovy Elias, has shared with us this wisdom, here are some key points to take away from his message.

1. Unveiling Spiritual Law:

At the heart of this spiritual law lies the divine recognition of our inherent authority. As children of the Most High, we possess the ability to shape our reality through the words we speak and the declarations we make. When God calls us blessed and prosperous, it is not merely a declaration but an invitation to co-create our destiny with Him.

2. Embracing Divine Decree:

The voice of God resounds within us, affirming our worth and purpose. His plans for our lives are sovereign and unshakeable, designed to lead us to fulfillment and abundance. In the face of adversity or opposition, we must stand firm in the knowledge that our destiny is established by God Himself.

3. Overcoming Opposition:

Yet, in our journey, we may encounter voices that seek to diminish our divine inheritance. Whether through doubt, criticism, or discouragement, external influences may attempt to derail us from our path. However, we must remain steadfast, allowing the voice of God to drown out the clamor of negativity.

4. Declaration of Victory:

In the face of adversity, we wield the power of our words as instruments of transformation. By speaking life into our circumstances, by declaring victory over every obstacle, we align ourselves with the divine purpose ordained for us. Through faith and conviction, we manifest the promises of God in our lives.


As we navigate the intricacies of our spiritual journey, let us heed the timeless wisdom imparted by Prophet Lovy Elias: “What you name, you can control.” May we embrace our inherent authority, trusting in the divine decree spoken over us. With unwavering faith and determination, let us step boldly into our destiny, knowing that God has already decreed it and it is settled.

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