You’re Not Of The World

You're Not of the World

You’re not of the world.

You’re Not of the World: God has chosen us as his children, and he calls us his own. We are children of God, and we must behave like him.

The world has the advantage of acting how they want, but we do not. We must not behave like the rest of the world.

Since we are children of God, that means we are his representatives here on earth. As representatives of the Lord, we must represent him through our behaviors.

The way we behave is being monitored by the people of the world. We are always watched by everyone around us.

In everything that we do in life, God should be involved. Our heavenly father loves us, and he wants us to be like him.

If our behaviors are not reflecting God’s glory, we must change. Complaining, unhappiness, doubts, worries, nagging, being judgmental, and so on are not expected in children of God’s life.

The wrong behaviors open doors for the enemy into our lives, like gambling, lying, pornography, gossiping, and so on.

We are not perfect, but the Holy Spirit has the ability to change us in every area of our lives. The devil wants to trap us through our behaviors so that we can’t experience the good life God has prepared for us.

The right behaviors lead us to live in a way that pleases God and reflects his glory through us.

Give your life to God.

You're Not of the World pt2

When you want to control your own life, that will not work. God created us in order for us to depend on him completely.

Our faith in God should be strong and unshakable. We must repent and give our lives to God.

Admit that you’re a sinner and surrender your lives to him so that you can experience a fulfilled life. When God is in control of our lives, that will improve us in every area of our lives because he cares about us.

We are special to God, and he doesn’t want to harm us in any way. It is never his wish for any of us to perish, but he desires for us to live in his kingdom.

Since we are not of the world, we must learn to behave right in everything that we do.

We are not to cheat like others in exams in order to pass. We can’t be unfaithful in our businesses in order to make a profit. There is no need to lie so that we won’t be caught, because that’s not Christlike.

He died for us because of love.

You're Not of the World pt3

Jesus was sent to die for us so that we can come back to God because he wants us to have a close relationship with him.

He died for us so that we could live our lives in abundance. A joy-filled life is what Jesus has planned to give us.

Grace has been made available for us in the name of Jesus. We are loved by God and brought back to him through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Whatever we ask in his name is given to us, and we are to cast away anything bad or evil from our lives.

When Jesus was on earth, he was just like us, but he never disobeyed his father and his will. Just like Jesus, we must learn to obey God no matter what is going on in our lives.

We can’t do it all on our own, but through the Holy Spirit living inside of us. If we obey the Holy Spirit, he will guide us through life and teach us everything that we will need to know.

The seed of spirit that God has planted in our lives will begin to grow the moment we learn to walk with him.

Listen to the Holy Spirit and pray to God. With time, you will start to see improvement in every area of your life.

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