10 Simple Ways To Include Bible Reading Into Your Busy Life

10 Simple Ways To Include Bible Reading Into Your Busy Life

10 Simple Ways To Include Bible Reading Into Your Busy Life

10 Simple Ways to Include Bible Reading in Your Busy Life: Because of our daily activities, it is difficult for us to read our Bibles in the modern world.

Performing many responsibilities can be exhausting and not allow us to have time for God.

We have to know that God wants to have a close relationship with us. We have to try our best to create time for God and his words.

Even the busiest Christian, with a little determination, can carve out time during the week to dig into God’s Word.

  1. Listen to Audio: Make the most of your time by listening to audio Bibles and Christian podcasts throughout your morning ritual or while running errands.
  2. Keep your Bible and prayer journal close by. Bibles and prayers are necessary tools for our Christian journey. These tools should always be readily available so that we can record our prayers or read Bible passages whenever we have a free moment.
  3. Make a schedule: We have to set aside time for prayer and bible reading on our calendar. It will not happen until we plan for it.
  4. Download an app: It is so easy to place Scripture-reading apps on your phone’s home screen to remind you of the importance of connecting with God’s Word.
  5. Join a Prayer Group: If you find it difficult to hold yourself accountable, consider joining a prayer group. This organization can commit to addressing a wide range of issues, including current events and personal issues.
  6. Check out a Daily Devotion: If you don’t have time, consider reading daily devotion books. This can make it easier for you to get close to God.
  7. Break it up: When you’re limited on time, it’s impossible to read an entire book of the Bible. Instead, divide your reading and study time into smaller parts.
  8. Play Worship Songs: The Word of God is being repeated in your ears as you play worship songs. Repetition leads to meditation on God’s things.
  9. Wake up earlier. You will feel tired at first, but your body will adapt and, of course, your spirit life will grow.
  10. Remember to pray before meals. Making a habit of praying before each meal is one of the simplest ways to incorporate prayer into your schedule.


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