11 Christians are killed by terrorists in Plateau State, Nigeria.

11 Christians are killed by terrorists in Plateau State, Nigeria.

11 Christians are killed by terrorists in Plateau State, Nigeria.

11 Christians are killed by terrorists in Plateau State, Nigeria: In Nigeria‘s Plateau state on Sunday (Oct. 1), eight Christians were killed and five others were injured by Fulani herdsmen and other terrorists, according to sources.

According to Davidson Malison, spokesman for the Irigwe Development Association (IDA), the attackers targeted Du village in Bassa County’s Kwall District. Two children were among those killed, while the wounded required hospital treatment.

“The Fulani militias stormed the community at about 8:10 p.m., positioned themselves, and sprayed bullets on the bodies of innocent Christians who were asleep,” Malison said. “To prove the maximum act of wickedness by these terrorists, children aged 9 and 11 were among those killed.”

He urged the Nigerian government to send out security officers immediately to make the attackers’ arrests.

“The terrorists are known to the Nigerian government, and they are neither ghosts nor invisible,” he said. “They had made threatening statements, particularly to our communities, in the recent past.”

He identified those slaughtered as Shara Danjuma, 9; Williams Danjuma, 11; Wala Boyi, 17; Yohanna Zehwhie, 35; Avu Goji, 18; Tingwie Nko, 38; Afiniki Sunday, 25; and Gani Doglas, 28. Wounded were Tini Thomas, 14; Rondo Peter, 18; Boma Sunday, 45; Geoffrey David, 19; and Joseph Monday, 25.

“We’re not only saddened by this unfortunate development and occurrence but completely depressed and brokenhearted, knowing fully how peaceful and hospitable Christians have lived with their Muslim neighbors in Plateau State,” Malison said.

The attack has enveloped the local community in “tears, sorrow, and sadness,” he said.

“This is no doubt the continuation of the destruction of lives, and the ceaseless attempts to annihilate Christians of Rigwe ethnic extraction by terrorists and armed herdsmen have kept on persisting,” he said.

“We mourn the brutal killing of three of our people in Atuhun Panyam: Panshak Peter, Ishaku Zumuk, and Yakubu Sokyes, by Fulani militias, all of whose corpses have been recovered from their farms where they were attacked,” Jokle and Gufwam said. “They have been buried in their respective villages.

Jokle and Gufwam, the president and secretary of the Panyam District Development Association, urged the national security organizations to stop attacking Christians in Plateau State.

“We condemn the killing of the three Christian farmers and call on security agencies to go after the killers,” they said.

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