5 Ways To Treat People Differently As Christians

5 Ways To Treat People Differently As Christians

5 Ways to Treat People Differently As Christians: People no longer want to be kind in the world of today because they feel taken advantage of. Being kind to one another is what God expects from us because we are to behave like him.

In a world filled with hatred, prejudice, discrimination, exploitation, manipulation, and cruelty, Christians stand out and treat others differently.

Because of believers closeness with God, they begin to think the way God thinks and also see how God sees. Christians see through the eyes of God.

True Christians are not quick to pass judgment; they are patient with others and see the best in them. They see individuals for what they can become, just as God saw us worthy to enjoy his grace by sending his son Jesus Christ to die for us while we were sinners and deserving of judgment.

We have to know that no one is perfect and that God loves each of us. We have to learn how to overlook each other’s flaws. Loving each other conditionally can be hard for us, but we can do it through the Holy Spirit.

  1. Treat People With Respect: No one wants to be around people who mistreat them in any way. Respect begins with accepting the other person for who they are and what they stand for, and accepting them as genuine human beings who not only do not want harm but can add value in some way.
  2. Don’t Judge Others: As Christians, we are to love people around us and correct them in love. Because most people’s first reaction when they see something they don’t like is to say something unpleasant about it and then move away from it. Criticizing others makes others resent you, and it casts you in a negative light, making people avoid you.
  3. Compliment People: When you say nice things to someone, that can make them like you. This can help us correct them in love. People are more likely to pay attention to you if they naturally feel good about being with you. People pay attention to those they like. They do not listen to those they dislike.
  4. Show gratitude: We take so many things in our lives for granted, and we don’t truly value the things that are given to us. This is the first step toward expressing true gratitude, which is important in making people like you.
  5. Be truthful. Not being truthful will make people avoid you. As Christians, we all know that lying is a sin, and God doesn’t want that from us. When you are truthful, people will love you.

Conclusion: We are children of God, and we are to treat people around us with love and kindness.


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