9 Ways to Change Your Self-Concept

9 Ways to Change Your Self-Concept

9 Ways to Change Your Self-Concept

9 Ways to Change Your Self-Concept: We have to know that God cares about how we view ourselves in life.

Do you have self-esteem issues? If so, it’s time to shift your perception of yourself.

We have to know that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in image of God. The enemy wants us to go through life having low self esteem about ourselves.

When we know our self worth that can help us to carry our the mission and duty that God has given us.

Hating ourselves is the plan of the enemy so that we can’t do God’s work.

Acceptance, peace, and love come from inside of you.

Your self worth comes from the inside of you because you are made in image of God. God loves us so much and we have to move through life knowing that.

Comparing ourselves to others often leads to feelings of inadequacy. Low self esteem can develop very early in our lives, either at home or at school.

  1. Start your day with prayer, meditation, and love: We have to start our day with talking with God and not pressing our technologies. Starting everyday with meditation to God’s word and loving ourselves can help us deal with low self esteem.
  2. Journal and meditate: We have to make out time to journal our feeling and write good things about ourselves. Meditating on what God has said about us and good affirmations.
  3. Make yourself joyful: Good affirmations are good way to start a day. Sometimes all it takes is a positive word to keep you going.
    When you can’t get the words out of your head, speak them yourself.
  4. Acknowledge your emotions: Be honest with your emotions and deal with it kindly. Stop numbing your feelings. We all have them.
  5. Try new things:  Experiment with something new. Learning a new skill, visiting a new location, and completing something spectacular are all great ways to build your confidence.
  6. Surrender To God: God is the only one that can help us in anytime of ourselves he cares about us. Tell him your troubles and he will help you.
  7. Be kind to yourself: Building your self confidence will take time so be kind to yourself. Be patient and trust yourself.
  8. Forgive yourself:Let go of the past and learn from your mistakes. Become a better person and grow your confidence.
  9. Believe in yourself: Trust yourself and believe that you can all things through Christ. When you believe in yourself that can build your confidence up.
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