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Dr. Michael Freeman is the pastor and founder of Spirit of Faith Christian Center (SOFCC) located in Howard County and Prince George’s County. He is a televangelist and host of Living By Faith” broadcasted on radio and television and his teachings are aired worldwide. Freeman’s teachings are centered upon faith, family and fellowship and he ministers to the whole being of man, spirit and soul.

Michael Freeman
Mike Freeman

SOFCC was founded by Dr. Mike Freeman alongside his wife DeeDee Freeman in the year 1993. Since then the ministry has recorded a growth in size with members and partners from different ethnic backgrounds and culture. The ministry has witnessed a fast growth overtime with several Churches located in the Metropolitan area, Washington D.C. Pastor Mike counts his marriage to DeeDee and his children as blessings to the congregation of SOFCC.

Dr. Mike Freeman has been a pastor and leader in the Spirit of Faith Christian Center, a church with multiple campuses in Maryland, USA. He has been involved in shaping the direction and growth of the church, which is known for its vibrant worship, teachings, and community outreach. He is recognized for his engaging and impactful preaching style. His sermons often focus on faith, healing, prosperity, personal development, and spiritual growth. His teachings aim to inspire and encourage individuals to deepen their relationship with God and live out their faith in practical ways.

His Wife, DeeDee Freeman

In June 1985, Dr. Michael married Dr. Deloris R. Freeman a preacher of God’s word and the founder of Women Walking In The Word, a women’s fellowship with over 1000 women in attendance of their quarterly meeting where she urges and inspires women to fulfil their God’s ordained and designated purposes in their lives. His wife whom he calls DeeDee is the mother of his three children: Joshua, Brelyn and Britney. Michael was 16 and DeeDee was 14 when they first met each other at a neighborhood swimming pool and their relationship slowly progressed until their marriage in 1985 when Michael was 23 and DeeDee was 21.

Dr. Mike Freeman and his wife DeeDee

Just like her husband Michael, DeeDee’s ministering is also focused on family and faith. The couple are committed to helping other couples get past their differences and difficulties and enjoy a blissful marriage.

He encourages everyone through his teachings to live life for the benefit of others rather than living for oneself as life is like a puzzle.

Pastor Mike Freeman and his wife DeeDee Freeman


  1. “We aren’t people who need to see to believe, but we are people who will see because we believe”
  2. “Life is like a puzzle to so many different people, and your life; your piece contains the answer to their puzzle”
  3. “Whatever you funnel through agape will always come out the right way on the other side”
  4. “Yellow is the brightest and lightest of all colors and its brilliance is its most noticeable characteristic, which accounts for the way it is used and thought of symbolically”.
  5. “As good marketers, we like to tinker with things and make them better”.
Michael Freeman
Michael Freeman


Dr. Freeman has authored several books that cover a range of topics related to faith, Christian living, and personal empowerment. His books are intended to provide practical insights and biblical wisdom to help individuals navigate life’s challenges while staying grounded in their faith.

  1. Before The Storm: Pre-Storm Strategies, 2016
  2. During The Storm: Storm Strategies
  3. After The Storm: Post-Storm Living, 2018
  4. Marriage Made EZ in 31 Days, 2012.
  5. God is a pastor.


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