Bianca Olthoff: Biography, Age, Children, Husband, Family & Books

Bianca Juarez Olthoff was born on April 6, 1980 in California, US to Pancho Juarez her Mexican father who was formerly a missionary but is now the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel, Montebello and a mother who was from Puerto Rico.

Bianca Olthoff
Bianca Olthoff

She is a sister to three siblings including her twin sister Jasmine Star who is a famous photographer. Bianca’s mother started battling with cancer when Bianca was 21 and since then she has battled various types of cancer.

Bianca was home schooled along with her siblings by her mother in East Los Angeles. Growing up, their family house was broken into twice as a result of the rough neighborhood in which they lived. At the age of 11, Bianca’s reading abilities were still very poor as she was unable to read. At a later time, Bianca went to college and grad school.

Bianca Olthoff’s Career

Pastor Bianca is a public speaker and a bible teacher who is committed to sharing and teaching the word of God whenever and wherever she can. She served as the creative director for Propel Women and hosts the ‘We’re Going There’ podcast where topics concerning faith, love, race and other relevant aspects of life is discussed.

Bianca as an author has written and published two books. She is the founder of ‘In The Name Of Love’ organization, a non-profit organization committed to changing lives through Christ. Together with her husband, Bianca runs Father’s House as the lead pastor. Bianca is also the chief storyteller for the anti-trafficking non-profit organization A21.

Bianca met her husband Matt Olthoff, a German by heritage on a dating website called eHarmony in 2009 after her sister insisted that she signed up with the website. Matt went on to propose to Bianca at J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles on the 6th of April, 2010 which was also Bianca’s birthday. They got married after the engagement on September 7th of the same year. Matt and Bianca have two lovely children named; Parker and Ryen and they live together with their children in Orange County, California.

Pastor Matt Olthoff and his wife, Bianca


These are some sermons by Pastor Bianca Olthoff

  1. You Have a Seat at The Table
  2. Fight for Your Field
  3. Who is The Leader
  4. More Than Enough
  5. How To Get Your Joy Back
  6. His Presence, Our Power
  7. So This Is Love?
  8. Four Tips For Christian Dating
  9. Getting Over What You Are Under
  10. God is Able
Bianca Olthoff: Biography, Age, Children, Husband, Family & Books
        Bianca Olthoff Family


  • Play With Fire: Discovering Fierce Faith, Unquenchable Passion, and a Life-Giving God (2016)
  • How to Have Your Life Not Suck: Becoming Today Who You Want to Be (2019)


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  1. I watch you on you tube as a guest speaker at Lakewood Church, dated August 8,2021 on early morning in Hawaii of February 21,2023. I was so drawn to your message that i forwarded the link to my daughter and her friend who both goes to University of Portland, OR. Later that day, which basically 2days ago as i am writing this message, I attended my very first women’s conference at Inspire Church, Waikele, Hawaii. To my surprise, “Bianca Olthoff” was the opening guest speaker. “Nothing Just Happens” you said that and YES, i know that God sent me to that conference for a reason. To cut the story short, the 2 nights were not enough so i showed up for the 3rd night which just a repetition of the conference i guess but I didn’t care i just want to listen and hear again & again the preaching and to my surprise, when you Miss Bianca did the healing part at the end, not only that on Feb 21, the opening night, the first one you called in was me the woman who has issues on her ovary. When you ask for that person to stand up but you saw no one did, you then said “ this is a sensitive issue, so if that’s you, come down to the front and be prayed for” i came down and so your wonderful mommy prayed for me that night and I believed i was healed. On that second night you then again called first thing about blood problem, specifically white blood, again i saw one raised a hand but I also knew that it was for my daughter who has been having an issue of elevated platelets counts since August 2022 and doctors just can’t figure out where’s the root to the issue even after series of blood-works and medications to treat it. Yes, i came down for the 2nd time and got prayed for my daughter’s healing. By the way,i also came to you and you prayed for Isabella for her depression, anxiety and her suicidal thoughts. You and me hugged that night, and i asked the Holy Spirit to deliver that hug and healing to my daughter. It did not end there, what supposed to be an extra session of conference, i showed up to last night’s session and i invited a friend. Thank you for doing what you do. It has been the best best week of my life knowing about the goodness of God. Amen
    If you are still in Hawaii, please enjoy the beauty of our paradise. God bless.


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