Pastor Jeff Manion: Biography, Age, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth


Jeff Manion is a well-known American pastor, author, and speaker. He is the founding and lead pastor of Ada Bible Church, a multi-campus church located in Michigan, USA where he has served for over thirty years.. Manion is recognized for his engaging preaching style and his commitment to teaching practical, biblically-based principles for everyday life


Jeff is married to his wife, Chris. He married his wife, Chris right before his last year in college and started preaching at Ada Bible church, which was then a church of 25 people.The couple have three adult children and are super proud grandparents.
Jeff Manion and his wife Chris Manion are people with good souls and mindset. As a senior pastor, Jeff has transformed many lives and has been involved in many Charity works.
Pastor Jeff Manion: Biography, Age, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth


The Ada Bible Church started in early 1978. They were known as the eleven Christ followers crowded in a small house.  Pastor Joe Smith leads this growing group in 1980 as we build and meet at Alta Dale Drive. Pastor Jeff Manion, with new bride Chris, agreed to serve as the interim Senior Pastor in 1983.

Pastor Jeff with a unique preaching style teaches the Bible in an approachable way. The church began to grow under him. After a while, the members outgrew the meeting house on Alta Dale Drive, which prompted the  Elders to sell the first location and buy a three-acre parcel on Ada Drive.

By 2008 they launched their first off-site campus called North Campus In 2010 they purchased another church’s building in Caledonia and launched the Kentwood Campus. This campus currently serves over 1500 men, women and children. By 2015 the church purchased and  built on 29 acres on East Paris Ave SE. Named the East Paris Campus, this fourth congregation moved into their new building in January of 2018.

The Church has experienced tremendous growth ever since.


 Jeff is a prolific author of Christian books. He is the author of
1. The Land Between,
2. Satisfied
3. Dream Big, Think Small.
4. The New Testament Challenge Study Journal

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We cannot estimate how much Pastor Jeff Manion is worth. Information about his income is not yet public.

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