Always Do What’s Right

Always Do What's Right

Always do what’s right.

Always Do What’s Right: As children of God, we have been instructed on the importance of behaving and doing the right thing. We don’t have the privilege to behave like the rest of the world, so we must be careful.

There are going to be moments in our lives when behaving right can be hard for us. Life is not always sweet, but as Christians, we are not controlled by our situations.

When things in our lives are not working out, it is easy to be bitter and complain about life challenges. We may not always feel positive in our lives, but remember that we were selected by God.

There are going to be days that we’ll wake up feeling terrible about our lives. We don’t have to live subjected to our feelings because that can lead to disobeying God.

Our emotions are fragile, so they have the ability to change at any time. God has given us the power of free will, so we have the freedom to choose our attitudes, words, thoughts, and actions.

Let’s do our best every day to choose to have the right attitude all the time, because that will make God proud. We should not give ourselves the chance of regretting something we have done wrong.

When we have control over our emotions, that will reduce our chances of regretting it in the future. Learning to control our emotions can be hard for many of us, but God has given us the Holy Spirit.

Don’t take the easy path.

Always Do What's Right pt2

In the world today, we are being taught that the easy way is the best way in life, so most of us don’t spend anymore time doing the right thing.

In Matthew 7:13–14, “Jesus instructs us to take the narrow path that leads to life and to avoid the broad path that leads to destruction.”

God has never desired that any of us should perish in hell, for he loves us so much. Anytime we don’t have the feeling to do the right thing, let’s push ourselves to do the right thing.

God is watching us do right, and he’s speaking to us to do right. We must love everyone around us, even our enemies, instead of avoiding them or wishing them bad.

We have to be careful about the kind of words that come out of our mouth and make sure they are godly. As Christians, we can’t go through life and speak any way we want because there’s power in words.

It is easy to focus on things that are not going right in our lives and complain about them. Our conversations should not be about what’s going wrong in our lives.

Let’s learn to talk about God’s goodness in our lives more than we speak about the problems. Speaking about everything going on in our lives all the time will only make us hopeless, not hopeful.

Our goals as Christians are to be hopeful about everything, knowing that God is in control.

Complaining is bad.

Always Do What's Right pt3

For many times in our lives, we have complained about all the wrong things going on, yet nothing has changed. Complaining won’t change anything in our lives, but Thanksgiving will change our lives.

Let’s learn to complain less and give thanks to God more. Complaining will also cause health damage to our bodies in the future if we continue to do it.

We are instructed in the Bible to “give thanks to God in all situations” because only he has the power. God is bigger and more powerful than anything we are facing in life.

Always believe in his power and do the right thing all the time. When we cast all our burdens on Christ Jesus he will give us rest and take control of our problems.

Remember, “Do the right thing all the time, even when you’re not feeling right.”



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