When You Hurt Keep Hoping

When You Hurt Keep Hoping

When you hurt, keep hoping.

When You Hurt, Keep Hoping: Hurting is something that many of us have faced in life, and some of them are hard to forget. We must understand that life will not always be sweet, but we have the power to make decisions.

As Christians we should not allow our bad situations to control our emotions and keep us stuck. We need to hope, especially when we are hurting, so let’s learn to put our trust in God.

Our heavenly father wants to bring us through everything that hurts us. God does want us to be struck by our bad situations for a long time.

When tragedy comes, let’s grieve properly and not give way to the spirit of grief that will turn your entire life into a tragedy. In life, when we get disappointed, let us not allow that to hold us back.

We all have testing times in our lives, and we don’t know when they are to come. Depending on God is all that will help us become better Christians.

When we are hurting, we must remember that God will turn what Satan intended for harm into good if we continue to trust him.

According to Romans 8:28, God always works things out for those who love him and for God. Many times, we see God take the hurtful things in our lives and make them work for us.

Depend on God

When You Hurt Keep Hoping pt2

God created us to depend on him with all our hearts so that nothing can shake our faith. We must believe that God is the only one who cares deeply about us.

God allows us to encounter certain hardships in life so that we might grow and become better Christians. The enemy wants us to complain about our problems so that we will lose confidence in God.

Overcoming challenges and tribulations helps us become better believers in Christ. Whatever we are facing in life, God knows we are capable of overcoming it.

We must understand the importance of developing a closer relationship with God. With God on our side, there is nothing that can hold us back from overcoming our challenges.

Whatever happens in our lives this year, we have to be prepared for it. Some of us are facing a lot of problems, like financial, relationship, personal, and economic.

Be Ready

As Christians, the only way for us to be prepared for the future is to trust God as our source. Trusting God is the best thing we can do in our lives this year.

God’s grace is sufficient, and we must learn to rely on Him in order to deal with life’s stresses.

As Christians, we shall endure adversity, which is a promise, but we are not alone. With God on our side, there is nothing bigger than us to overcome.

We can also be ready for anything by behaving right and making plans for our lives. Many people in the world today don’t even make an effort to make plans for their day.

Set goals and make a plan on how to achieve them, then remember to take the required actions. God has given us the power of free will; let us make sure to make the decisions for our future.

The devil’s job is to weaken our faith in God, yet our reliance on God should become greater as we believe in him.

When we rely on God, we bring him praise, no matter what scenario we find ourselves in.


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