AMI Crossover Service With Pastor Alph Lukau – Live Service

AMI Crossover Service

AMI Crossover Service With Pastor Alph Lukau – Live Service

AMI Crossover Service

Come 31st December 2018, there will be AMI Crossover Service With Pastor Alph Lukau. The time is 9pm to 4pm and the venue is Kramerville Sandton.

Come one come all. God will definitely bless you come year 2019!! All you need to do is believe and God will do it for you!

According to Bishop J of AMI, “God has already given you your miracle, BUT Satan has stolen it from your hands. STOP harassing God for your miracle and harass the devil. You need a spirit of warfare for your marriage. You need to fight for your health, fight for your business, your finances, your children, your freedom and your well being. Are you hearing me?

AMI Crossover service can also be watched on Live Stream via Pastor Alph Lukau’s / AMI’s official YouTube page.

Come 2019, your life will never remain the same if only you believe in God, trust God and Strive to make God happy.

Satan is always fighting to take you away from God but remember that Our God is a merciful God and that he is already to forgive you once you can show remorse and be ready to strive to make him happy again.

May God bless you as you give your life to God and strive to make him happy.

Pastor Alph Lukau announcing this AMI crossover service via his social media channel wrote: “Join us in church or via LIVE Streaming for the GREATEST night of your life as we CROSSOVER into 2019 on our knees. Midnight is a gateway into a new day. As we crossover, you will enter into a new season of grace and power. The devils that used to defeat you will not catch you anymore. So shall it be!

Credit – Pastor Alph Lukau / Bishop J

Picture Credit – Pastor Alph Lukau Facebook

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  1. God works miracles all the time, but we do not need to come to South Africa again for miracle kidneys, diabetes, cancer, autism, schizophrenia, Anemia, financial stagnation originating from racism, do we ? In Jesus name I beg for your reply to my email or telephone text +19734520792. Before I came to your Church, I used to consult Muslim healers or pastors and they were always available one-on-one for which they did and I often found a job afterwards. I have consulted many Sangomas too, but the above listed problems have failed to heal. I hope the God of Alph Lukau is the Supreme God we have been waiting for and miracles are going to manifest now and Not tomorrow in Jesus name. Amen.

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