Anti-Israel American Killed By Hamas

Anti-Israel American Killed By Hamas

Anti-Israel American Killed By Hamas

Anti-Israel American Killed By Hamas: A Minnesota woman named Cindy Flash, known for protesting Israeli military actions in Gaza, is among the over two dozen Americans killed by Hamas in Israel earlier this month, according to her daughter.

Mrs. Cindy Flash, who is 67, and her husband, Igal Flash, 66, were killed in their Kfar Aza home near the Gaza border. Their daughter, Keren Flash, 34, told CNN that her parents were killed after Hamas militants broke into their safe room.

Cindy Flash’s last communication was a message on a neighborhood group chat pleading for help, indicating that militants had broken in, the daughter said.

Days passed before Keren Flash learned of her parents’ deaths. She said the only solace was that they “apparently died instantly, so at least it was quick and relatively painless.”

Igal Flash was born in Israel, the son of Holocaust survivors. Her daughter describes Cindy Flash as “all heart and soul,” known for her protests against Israeli military action in Gaza.

“They were some of the best people that I have ever known,” Keren Flash said. “They were good people. They cared about other people. They fought for other people’s rights and other people’s voices.”

Hamas militants invaded settlements in southern Israel close to the border with the Gaza Strip on Oct. 7, killing over 1,400 people and taking over 150 hostages, many of them civilians. Israeli forces claim over 1,500 Hamas fighters were killed in the attack.

The U.S. State Department said in a statement shared with the media on Sunday that at least 30 Americans have been killed in Iraq and at least 13 are missing.

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