Are You Fighting Temptations?

Are You Fighting Temptations

Are you fighting temptations?

Are You Fighting Temptations? In our current world, we as Christians are facing a lot of temptations, and we must resist them.

As children of God, we are created in his image, and we must represent him every day. Yes, we live in the world, but we are not to behave like the world.

Our behavior should be different since we are different and set aside by our heavenly father. The world has normalized many sins, and they are OK with it.

Sins like gambling, cheating, lying, unfaithfulness, pornography, and so on. We should not let the world determine for us how we are to live as Christians.

God knows that fighting temptation can be hard for us, so he gave us the Holy Spirit. We must accept the Holy Spirit into our lives so that we can overcome temptations.

We must understand that we don’t have to resist it on our own strength.

Trials vs. Temptations

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Trials come from life circumstances like losing a job, losing a loved one, and so on. Temptations come from our desires like lust, greed, hatred, and wickedness.

We all have bad traits, but God can change them for the better. Our heavenly father has the ability to transform us greatly.

When we have bad desires that will attract bad temptation into our lives, like desire for lust, it will bring the temptation of committing fornication.

Bad desires open the door for the devil, and that will give him the power to tempt us. We must walk together with God so that we can walk on the right path.

Right Path, Right Life

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Walking the right path leads us to live the right life in the future. If we want a future filled with great achievements, we must do the right things.

Our heavenly father wants us on the right path all the time. He knows that when we are on the right path, we will attract his blessings into our lives.

Thinking the right way will help us eliminate bad desires. Bad desires lead us down the wrong path in life.

The wrong path in life will ruin us and frustrate us forever. When we learn how to be content with our lives, that will help us overcome greed.

If we learn how to control our finances, that will free us from debt. God knows that we have the ability to make decisions for ourselves.

Our heavenly father has given us the power of free will.

Make the right decision.

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With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can make the right decisions. Even though God has given us the power of free will, we must learn to involve the Holy Spirit.

The wrong decision has the power to ruin our lives completely. If you want a better life, make better decisions.

If you want a better life, make better decisions and carry them out. Make decisions to grow spiritually, mentally, financially, and emotionally that will yield benefits in the future.

Give Up on Your Flesh

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The main reason we fall into sin and get trapped in temptations is because we listen to our flesh. Our flesh has the ability to make us sin against God.

When we accept Jesus as our Lord and personal savior, our old selves are gone. We have become new creatures in Christ Jesus.

Jesus has paid for our sins, so our old selves are gone and we have become new. We must be willing to let go of our old selves and habits.

Rebuke the spirit of temptation when it comes to our mind. Cast away thoughts that are not of Christ.

We must not allow negative thoughts and ideas to dwell in our minds. When thoughts of lust, gambling, wickedness, and hatred come to our minds, let us cast them away.

So be willing to set yourself free and fight the temptation with the help of the Holy Spirit.


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