Prayer For God’s Perfect Will To Be Done In Our Lives

Prayer For God’s Perfect Will To Be Done In Our Lives

Merciful Heavenly Father, we are humbly before Your throne of grace, asking for Your divine wisdom and trusting in Your perfect will. Thank You, Lord, because You are the author of our existence and Your plans are much bigger than our own. We frequently lose sight of Your divine plans as we pursue our own goals and wants. But now, we come to You, laying aside our own goals and aspirations and pleading for the grace to mold our lives following Your perfect will.

Father, as we surrender ourselves to You, please give us Your guidance and direction in all aspects of our lives. Help us to make good decisions in our relationships, careers, and activities. Help us to recognize Your voice clearly among the world’s distractions so that we can move with your Spirit. Give us the discernment to comprehend Your will, even when it differs from what we had anticipated. Help us believe You over everything because we know that You are working everything out to be in our favour.

Lord, we know that Your standards are greater than ours and that You have thoughts that are higher than ours. Make us trust You with our ambitions because we know that You have plans that are great for us. Help us to live obediently and truthfully, submitting to Your perfect will even in uncertain situations. Give us the faith to move forward in faith, knowing that You won’t abandon us or forsake us.

Lord, please mold and form us according to Your plans so that we may praise You and serve others with love and compassion. We pray for all of this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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