Ask God To Do Something Special For You Today

Ask God to do something special for you today

Ask God to do something special for you today.

Ask God to do something special for you today: Many Christians in the present world are afraid of asking for favor from God.

God wants us to feel free when asking things of him because he’s our heavenly father. There is so much more that God wants to do for us and so much he wants us to have if we just ask.

We don’t deserve it, but we get what Jesus deserves; we’re inheritors,co-heirs with Christ. Everything that Jesus bought and paid for with his blood we get if we will ask.

We have to learn how to ask things from God with faith because Jesus has paid for them. We are not to go through life just barely to make it.

Our heavenly father has great and wonderful things that he has planned for us. We must learn how to receive things from God.

We have to know that our Lord is powerful, and he can do great and wonderful things in our lives. God can change any situation in our favor if we serve him with all our heart.

Don’t be afraid.

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Most times in our lives, we feel that we are not worthy of asking God for favor. We must understand that God loves us and that he’s always listening to us.

Our heavenly father knows what we need, and he will provide it for us at the right time. When we ask things from God, we must learn to wait for his timing.

God’s timing is different from our own, and when what we ask for seems delayed, we have to apply faith.

Don’t be afraid when you are not seeing what you ask from God in your life. He knows the bright time to bring to us the most perfect gift.

As Christians, we must learn how to feel free to ask for favors and blessings from God but be ready to receive them through faith.

Our faith is the way in which we can receive things that we ask from God. Our faith is our currency for getting things from Abba father.

There is nothing wrong.

Ask God to do something special for you today pt3

When we are in a situation where we do not know what to do, we can ask Jesus for a sign. There is nothing wrong with asking him for a favor because he cares deeply about us.

Jehovah  hears our prayers, and he’s always with us. The Lord is always taking care of us in every way possible because he’s our father.

Instead of being unhappy when things are not going as we hoped, let’s depend on God. Jehovah is great and knows us more than we know ourselves.

Ask him for favors like finding a partner, financial freedom, a better job, better health, and well-behaved kids; nothing is off the limit.

You don’t have to be perfect before you receive favor from your heavenly father, who cares about you. You don’t need anyone’s permission to ask whatever you want.

Stop Depending On People.

Ask God to do something special for you today pt4

When we depend on people, they will disappoint us greatly because they are humans. Heavenly father will never disappoint us because he’s the creator of the world.

Most of us get mad because we depend on people for our happiness. Instead of depending on people, why don’t we go to God for whatever we need?

The Lord can provide us with whatever we need in life; he has the power to bring anything into existence.



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