Getting Over Past Shame and Guilt

Getting Over Past Shame and Guilt

Getting Over Past Shame and Guilt

Getting Over Past Shame and Guilt: Getting over our past shame and guilt can be hard for some of us. There are things that we might have done in the past that we are not proud of.

The devil knows how to hunt us and make us unhappy with our past mistakes. God knows that we are not perfect, but he wants to guide us through everything.

The reason why some of us are still living in shame and guilt is that we don’t know who we are in God. We are children of God, and he loves us when we ask for forgiveness that is given to us.

We should not allow our past to hold us back from doing things that God has designed us for. Guilt and shame have the power to hold us back from our life’s purpose.

Sometimes the only way we can forgive ourselves is to move on with our lives. We can’t correct something in our lives by dwelling on it for a long time.

God doesn’t keep records of our mistakes when we ask for forgiveness. The devil lies to us by telling us that God can never forgive us.

Jesus came to die for us so that we could have a close relationship with God. God wants us close to him so that we can live a fulfilled life with him.

Recognize your identity in Christ.

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When we know who we are in Christ, the devil can’t control us anymore. Whatever we ask in the name of Jesus shall be given to us.

Jesus name is so powerful that when it’s mentioned, every knee bows and every tongue confesses. So when we ask for forgiveness in his name, that is given to us too.

Whatever we ask for in his name, we are going to receive it. The devil gets mad when he sees us being happy and believing that our sins are forgiven.

God has given us his mercy as a gift, and we must learn how to receive it with our faith. Some of us are still hurting ourselves over our past mistakes, despite asking for forgiveness.

We have to learn to forgive ourselves, because without forgiving ourselves, we can’t receive God’s mercy. The devil is working hard to make us think that we don’t know our worth.

Forgive yourself and receive God’s mercy.

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God’s mercy is God being good to you even when you don’t deserve it. God’s mercy is a gift that he has given to us through Jesus Christ.

The devil gets mad when he sees us being happy in any situation because he wants us to be unhappy.

We don’t have to be unhappy with our lives; we can actually enjoy our lives. No matter what we ask for in the name of Jesus Christ, we are going to receive it.

We must learn to forgive ourselves so that we can receive God’s mercy and blessings for our lives. Our heavenly father is never going to reject us when we come to him with all our heart.

God is going to work on us if we are really willing to work with him. God wants us to experience enjoying life and being happy.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Another way that we get ourselves to live in shame and guilt is by comparing ourselves to other people. God has given us all different talents and qualities to be ourselves.

When you compare yourself to others, that will steal your joy and make you feel inferior. We have to know that God has given us joy and enjoyment as a gift.

Being happy is not something we need to deserve; God loves to see us enjoy ourselves. Not comparing yourself doesn’t mean you shouldn’t improve yourself.

God has made us all special, and he also wants us to improve ourselves in areas we need to. Personal development and self-improvement can help us overcome our guilt and shame.

God is always with us, and with him, we are powerful enough to overcome anything and live a victorious life.



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