Be With The Right People

Be with the Right People

Be with the right people.

Be with the Right People: We human beings are social creatures; God created us to relate to one another. That’s why we all have families, friends, groups, and communities in our lives.

Even introverted individuals have people in their lives that they relate to very well. We are to love each other and live at peace with one another.

When God created Adam, he was alone, and God saw that he needed a partner, so he gave him Eve. We need each other in life in order to survive and grow.

People should inspire and motivate us in some areas of our lives. We have to make it our intention to be with the right people.

When Jesus started his ministry, he needed people who would help him spread the gospel more when he left the earth.

God gave Moses people who would help him control the people of Israel, like Aron and Miriam. Presidents of countries need ministers, commissioners, and governors to help them rule the country.

There are many things in our lives that we need people for, like drivers, teachers, doctors, engineers, and soldiers.

Don’t look down on anyone.

Be with the Right People pt2

No matter how intelligent and talented we feel about ourselves, we still need people. Just because we are more educated, talented, and rich than someone else doesn’t mean we should look down on them.

People with little knowledge and skills can be of great help to us. God is the one who created us all and has a purpose for us.

God has elements of greatness that he has placed inside of us, and he wants us to become great. For us to be as great as God has hoped for us, we must learn to depend on him.

We should not allow pride to take over our lives just because we have more things than other people. God hates the proud, but he rewards the humble.

No matter how talented and rich we are as Christians, we must learn to be humble. Everything we have here on earth is given to us by God, and we are to use it for God’s purpose.

We should learn from everyone and every situation in our lives. Everyone that comes into our lives has a reason to make us grow and become who God designed for us.

Be around the right people.

Be with the Right People pt3

Yes, God wants us to socialize with one another, but we must be careful. We must be careful about the people we allow into our lives.

Some of them might stop us from growing or distract us from being great. If you have a big dream in your heart, don’t be with dream killers. They will kill the dream that God has placed in your heart.

Dream killers can come from friends, families, co-workers, and church members. We must ask the Holy Spirit to help us identify them on time.

If you want to excel in your education or business, being with the wrong people can limit your dreams. Find people who have the same goals in life as you.

We can’t control how everyone thinks, but we can choose not to think like them. When we allow ourselves to be influenced by negative people, that will kill our dreams.

For every dream in our hearts, God is aware of it. God will help us achieve them if we trust him with all our hearts.

Negative people should not think for you about your goals. Be with positive people who can inspire you to become better.

People who are afraid of going after their life goals will end up being unhappy, and they should not inspire us. We must be careful about who we take advice from because some people might want to talk us out of our dreams.

The Holy Spirit is inside of us to inspire us and help us achieve our life goals. We have to listen to him alone and obey his will for our lives.



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