Becky Dvorack: Biography, Age, Family Life, Books, And Net Worth

Becky Dvorack is an American preacher, evangelist, prophetess and author.


There is not much information on her family or where and when she was born. However, Becky spent twenty-five years in the trenches of service for Jesus Christ in an orphanage in Guatemala, Central America. During that time God worked numerous miracles through Becky, including raising the dead.

Becky Dvorack: Biography, Age, Family Life, Books, And Net Worth
Becky Dvorack

In the year 1998, Becky began to study divine healing and put into practice what she learned. She witnessed amazing healing and miracles in Guatemala and she began to travel to East Africa in the year 2000. There she taught and ministered a bold message of faith and healing to the lost and dying people of that land, and great signs and wonders always followed her teachings.

Becky has since nurtured groups around the world in the Word of God and in the ways of His Spirit.

Family Life

She is married to her husband, David Dvorack. The couple have been married for 41 years as at the time of this publication.

Becky is a mother of 8 children, 3 adult biological and 5 adopted. As at the time of this publication, she has 1 son-in-law, 4 daughters-in-law and 12 grandchildren. The family live in Arizona, U.S.A.

Becky Dvorack Ministry

In the year 1994, Becky with her husband David and their 3 biological children made the journey from Minnesota to Guatemala, Central America to become full-time missionaries.

Together, they worked in the local Churches and taught the people how to evangelize their own nation. They also managed a mission’s home and short-term mission groups, ministered to the street children, and to the young people in the youth jails.

Becky also started a Guatemalan foundation called “LIFE Unlimited ” to help the children of Guatemala. She built the LIFE Homes for orphaned and abandoned Children and the LIFE Tender Mercy Home for children that were born infected with the HIV Virus.

After being full-time missionaries for almost 25 years in Guatemala, Central America, they now reside in Arizona, USA. Together, they have founded Vida Illimitada (foundation, children’s home, and grade school) in Guatemala, and Healing and Miracles International.

Becky still travels to different countries, serves in churches and women’s groups, receives leadership training, holds faith and healing services, seminars, conferences, and crusades.
She provides healing for the sick, teaches the Body of Christ how to live a Spirit-led life and act in accordance with faith.

Furthermore, she is also a content partner with Charisma /SpiritLed Woman e-magazine, a frequent guest on Sid Roth’s–It’s Supernatural TV Show, and on Today with Marilyn and Sarah TV Show (Marilyn Hickey Ministries).

In December 2020, Becky Dvorak became the host of the dynamic teaching program, Empowered for Healing and Miracles, featured globally on the It’s Supernatural! Network (ISN).

Becky Dvorack: Biography, Age, Family Life, Books, And Net Worth

Becky Dvorack Books

Becky is an accomplished writer. She wrote her first book in 2010 and in 2011, she signed a contract with Destiny Image Publishers. Her second book, Greater Than Magic, was published on January 2014 after the release of her first book, Dare to Believe, in February 2012.

The Healing Creed, her third book, was published in 2017. 2018 saw the publication of her fourth book, The Prophetic & Healing Power of Your Words. Conquering the Spirit of Death. Her most recent book was published in November 2019.

She has a new book titled “Decrees That Heal” set to be released in December 2023.

Becky Dvorack: Biography, Age, Family Life, Books, And Net Worth

Becky Dvorack Net Worth

We cannot estimate how much Becky Dvorack is worth at this time. Her major income is from her books, speaking engagements and her pastoral work.

Social Media 

You can follow Becky on the following social media platforms:

YouTube: @BeckyDvorak

LinkedIn: Becky Dvorak

Facebook: Becky Dvorak

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