Behave Differently In Order To Win

Behaving Differently in Order to Win

Behave differently in order to win.

Behave Differently in Order to Win: The way we go through life is really important, and as Christians, we are to be different.

If we go through life and behave like others, that will not make God proud. When we behave differently in bad situations, that will make the enemy mad.

We represent God here on earth, so we have to be of good behavior. He has designed us to bring glory to his name through everything that we do.

As children of God, there are characteristics that are expected of us. When we relate to people kindly and beautifully, that will attract them to God.

We have to attract people to God, so the only way we can do it is through our behaviors. People are watching us, and they want to know if we are Christlike or not.

Don’t hate yourself if you’re not perfect.

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God knows that we are not perfect, but he’s willing to change. We have to admit our sins and surrender our lives to God.

If we agree to walk with the Lord, he will transform us greatly, little by little. He’s powerful enough to change what the devil meant for bad to good.

If you think you’re not a good parent and your kids are misbehaving, just give it to God. If your business or work life is full of stress and you are not getting promoted, just give it to God.

Don’t allow the enemy to torture you because you are not perfect. Don’t live in regret and shame because Jesus died for you to live in his glory.

We must learn how to cast all our worries on God and rest in him. He wants us to have peace of mind so that we can serve him better.

When you are willing to do your best every day to please God, he’ll be proud of you. You don’t have to be perfect; just be willing to do your best.

Even in your business, don’t wait until you are perfect before you start one. If you want to break bad habits like smoking, drinking, or pornography, just involve God.

God wants us to depend on him with all our hearts and in all situations.

Why do we hate ourselves when our creator doesn’t hate us? Just have the willingness to change, and you will see the hands of God.

We are created with love.

Behaving Differently in Order to Win pt3

God didn’t create us in order for us to go through life with struggles. There are trials and tribulations, but they are there to make us stronger.

God didn’t create us to be weak, defeated, and overcome; he created us to be winners. The same power that raised Christ from dead lives inside of us.

When we behave like winners all the time, the world will want to know our secret. This can lead them to God, and they will get to know him.

Our father in heaven knows everything about us, and he really cares. If you see yourself in trouble or struggling, just hold on to your father; he will deliver you soon.

If the economy is not good, your kids are misbehaving, suffering from any addiction, just come to God. Invite him into your heart and obey his commands.

At the right time, God will make a name for himself in your life; just be willing to walk with him.



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