Benny Hinn Claims Heaven is a Planet

Benny Hinn claims Heaven is a planet

Televangelist Toufik Benedictus, popularly known as Benny Hinn, has sparked controversy following his recent teaching that heaven is a planet.

The Israeli-born American-Canadian televangelist, who is famous for his regular “Miracle Crusades,” claimed in a Wednesday Instagram video that heaven is a physical place like Earth but more beautiful. He went on to assert that there are “trees and gardens” in heaven.”  Hinn, however, justified his claims by citing Genesis chapter 1, verse 1, which states that “in the beginning, God created heaven and earth.”

“Heaven is a planet no different than the earth, more beautiful than the earth, because the Bible says, in the beginning, God created heaven and earth. So heaven is a planet,” Hinn Said in the video. ”

“Maybe it is not exactly what we think it is. But it is more real than this one. Way more real than this one. In heaven, there are trees, gardens, and so much more,” he added.

In the later part of the video, Hinn encouraged the bereaved to have confidence in the fact that their loved ones are having a “glorious time right now and forever in heaven.”

Hinn’s teaching has been met with mixed reactions. While some Christians praised him for publicly expressing his beliefs, others criticized him for his interpretation of the Bible.

“Yeap. Heaven is a physical place like earth, a physical place for spirit beings. And yes its more real than our earth. More bigger and beautiful” a fan commented on Instagram in agreement with his stance. “This is so so encouraging,” another wrote. “There’s no clarity in your text. It’ll only get people confused,” another warned.

Although the Bible does not explicitly say whether or not heaven is a planet, there are, however, many Bible passages that describe heaven as a beautiful and glorious place where believers will live with God after death.

Whether heaven exists as a physical place or not is a matter of faith. Hinn’s assertion serves as a reminder that Christians hold a diversity of views regarding what heaven is like.

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