Bishop Dale Bronner Sermon: Stop the Storm

Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral shares this sermon and message by Bishop Dale Bronner titled “Stop the Storm” and it is a sermon you will love to listen to. The senior pastor and founder of Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral (Woffamily) has transformed the lives of many people in and around the United States of America through his teachings.

He taught from the book of Jonah chapter 1 verse 12 10 through 12. Notice these words from the new living translation of the scriptures. ‘The sailors were terrified when they heard this for it already told them that he was running away from the lord. Oh why did you do it they groan and since the storm was getting worse all the time they asked him what should we do to you to stop this storm? Throw me into the sea Jonah said and it will become calm again.’

Bishop Bronner asked if you have ever had a storm of faults to bombard your mind, a storm of feelings, emotions, fears, a relationship storm, ever made bad financial decisions and now you’re in an economic storm? Storms are normal to life but storms don’t feel good because they put us in a in a mode of panic and we’re wondering what’s going on and how long is this storm going to to last. When you’re in a storm, all you can think about is the storm, the sounds, the lightning, the trembling, the rumbling and sometimes power going out.

Watch and learn from this sermon by Bishop Dale Bronner “Stop the Storm” as we bring the latest messages from Pastors around the globe to you.

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