Bishop Dale C. Bronner: Blessed Hope

Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral shares this new message by Bishop Dale Bronner titled “Blessed Hope.” The text for the message is from Psalm 42:11: “Why am I discouraged?” Why is my heart so sad? “I will put my hope in God; I will praise him again—my Savior and my God.”

Bishop Bronner says that if we never experienced challenge, difficulty, and controversy in our lives, we would never need hope. When our hearts are overwhelmed, we must turn to God, who is more powerful than we are. Various situations and circumstances in life can overwhelm your heart. Life does not exempt you by not putting you in more difficult situations like before. Life doesn’t care if you’re already stressed; life has a way of putting you through your paces until it pours. The devil attacks you one after the other, so that before you can recover from the previous challenge, something else has hit you.

Some of us have been in a situation that is really bad, then another one comes. The challenges have a way of sucking the life out of us and bringing us to a place of disparaging hope. Instead of being lost in the morass of discouragement, we should have hope in God. When the soul runs out of oxygen, encouragement and hope put oxygen back in your soul.

When your heart is overwhelmed, you don’t need another program; you need God’s presence. When you are going through a series of negative events in your life, trusting God will get you through it and bring you hope. No matter how good you try to be to people, life will not give you a pass and say you’re a nice person. Life will keep throwing challenges to the degree that you feel overwhelmed, but your only hope should be God. Trusting God in difficult situations will make you strong enough and give you victories. When you are in a low place, turn your attention to God, and you will draw strength from God’s presence. The presence of God can do some things for you that no other therapy can do.

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