Bishop T.D Jakes Sermon: Recognizing God’s Answer

Bishop T.D Jakes shares this sermon and message titled “Recognizing God’s Answer” where he asks if you trust how God works, or do you worship your opinion? He said that many of us think we know how to handle most situations, but what happens when we encounter uncertainty? That’s when we must rely on God’s answers to guide us even when we don’t fully understand. The Bishop of The Potters House said you should trust that God will show you the solution in a way that will make sense, and have faith that He will take care of you. This message is taken from the scripture: Exodus 16:1-5, 31-32 (NIV).

The book of exodus is about the calling of God’s people out of slavery and away from captivity. From servitude to sonship. They went into the red sea as slaves with their master chasing them but when they came up out of the water they came up as sons and the reason that their servitude was canceled out is because their master drowned in the red sea. He said that God will drown what’s chasing you if you just keep on following Him. Don’t worry about the enemy behind you because greater is He that’s in you than he that’s after you.

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