Bishop T.D. Jakes Sermon: Torn Between the Two

Bishop T.D. Jakes shares this sermon titled “Torn Between the Two” where he teaches that new wine can’t flow in old wineskins, old fabric cannot create new clothes, and a torn spirit cannot fully know God. He said your life ought to be undivided and united as one under God’s new direction. But in walking forward in faith, our thoughts can betray us and have us looking back to what was familiar. It’s the age-old question: “Is it worth it to keep going?” The answer is always, “Yes,” because God will fulfill His promise in your life, but it only works if you work it!

This message is taken from the scripture: Luke 5:36-39 (KJV).

Watch and learn from this sermon by Bishop T.D. Jakes “Torn Between the Two” and remember that we bring the latest messages from Pastors in the United States of America to you.

Video Credit: Bishop T.D Jakes YouTube

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