Bobbie Houston Pens Public Tribute to Family for Support

Bobbie Houston Pens Public Tribute for Family Support
Bobbie Houston Pens Public Tribute to Family for Support

Bobbie Houston Pens Public Tribute to Family for Support

Hillsong Church co-founder Roberta Lee Houston, better known as Bobbie Houston has taken to social media to tender a heartfelt tribute to some family members expressing her deep gratitude for their unwavering support over the past two years.

“As we enter further into 2024, there are a few people I want to openly give honor and gratitude towards over coming weeks.,” Bobbie wrote. While she acknowledged not having recent photos of everyone she wished to honor, she emphasized her commitment to sharing her appreciation over the coming weeks.

The post specifically highlighted her brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Graeme and Bev, describing their unwavering loyalty and support during challenging times. “These two, over the past two years, have shown their true heart, character, steel, and measure,” she wrote.

Bobbie went on to emphasize their unwavering presence during difficult times, stating, “Such people turn up. And these two turned up for my husband, myself, and family. They made their presence felt.”

Beyond their support during hardships, Bobbie also highlighted their positive qualities, describing them as “loyal and fun to be around.” She concluded the post by expressing her deep appreciation, stating, “Thanks for being family, Graeme and Bev. Love you (and your families) to the moon and back. You are actually salt of the earth. Thank you.”

Bobbie’s tribute comes after her husband Brian Houston and the Hillsong church they co-founded have been involved in several controversies in recent years.
In 2021 Australian police filed charges against Brian Houston for not reporting the sexual abuse committed by his father Frank Houston in the 1970s. However, after a trial in August 2022, Sidney Magistrate Gareth Christofi acquitted him of concealing his father’s sexual crime. Christofi ruled that Houston had a valid reason for not reporting his father’s abuse of Brett Sengstock to the police.

Earlier this 2022 Houston was charged with drink-driving. He pled guilty in April and was sentenced to 3 years of DUI probation and a fine of $140. He was also required by the court to complete a three-month first-offender alcohol program by May 11. Additionally, he was to participate in self-help meetings for one year until April 11, 2024.


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