Choose Your Battle Wisely

Choose Your Battle Wisely

Choose your battle wisely.

Choose Your Battle Wisely: We have to know what situation takes most of our attention. As Christians, we have to know that most of our battles have to be handled by God, not by us.

We often feel that we’re meant to have everything under control, but that’s not true. God created us to depend on and trust in him all the time, no matter what we are doing.

When someone mistreats you, the battle is not yours but that of God, for he cares about you. You can stand up for yourself, but don’t sit and think of revenge to take against the person.

Our lives are in the hands of God, and only he can direct all our steps in the right direction. Speak up for yourself when you need it, but don’t waste your time arguing for the rest of the day.

Jesus Christ wants us to have a peaceful life here on earth so that we can do the work of God. It will never benefit us if we are going around with hatred in our hearts against anyone.

Your heavenly father knows that you have been hurt, and he won’t leave you or forsake you. In times of trouble, don’t be afraid to run to your creator and tell him what you are passing through.

Revenge is for God. 

Most times, we spend our time thinking about those who did not treat us right and how to do the same to them. God does not want us to go through life with hatred in our hearts, so let us give it to God.

You can avoid those kinds of people so that they won’t put you in a bad situation by bringing back the hatred. Let all our focus be on God and the things he sent us to do here on earth, because we are meant to please him.

Our heavenly father doesn’t take revenge the way that we have in mind, so trust him. God can bless you greatly in every area of your life, which can be his revenge on your enemy.

Some of us wish for our enemies to die or for them to have bad luck for the rest of their lives. God’s blessing over our lives is better than watching someone who doesn’t love us die.

Let us do our best to focus on God and not our enemies, because he wants us to have freedom. When God notices that we are rejoicing because our enemies are being taken care of by him, he will stop.

Our enemies are also loved by God, so let us not wish them bad because that will break God’s heart. Heavenly Father is the person to take care of those mistreating us in any way.

Wishing good to those who curse you is what we are told to do in the Bible. It looks impossible to wish our enemies good, but with God, we have to do it.

The spirit of God will transform us to be like Jesus Christ, so we must accept him as our Lord and personal savior.

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