Chris Tomlin Begins “Holy Forever World Tour” Tickets Sale

Chris Tomlin "The Holy Forever World Tour"
Chris Tomlin Holy Forever World Tour

Chris Tomlin “Holy Forever World Tour” Tickets Sale Begins

Christian music sensation Chris Tomlin has officially opened the gates for ticket sales. Fans can now get their tickets  to his highly anticipated “The Holy Forever World Tour.”

Fans across the world can now secure their seats to witness Chris Tomlin’s soul-stirring performances. This is an opportunity to experience the transformative power of worship live.

The Grammy award winning artist made the announcement on Instagram. He shared that tickets are now on sale for the tour.

Key Tour Details:

Tour Kickoff: The “The Holy Forever World Tour” kicks off on April 18, 2024 at the Prudential Centre in Delaware. It is promising a musical journey filled with inspiration, faith, and celebration.

The tour will move from North America through the major cities in Europe such as London, Germany, Hungary and Belfast.

Special Guest Performers: Tomlin has announced that Cain the band will be touring with him, ensuring an eclectic mix of musical talent throughout the tour.

Ticket Information: Tickets for “The Holy Forever World Tour” are now available for purchase exclusively.  The tickets for the tour is available at

Chris Tomlin, with a career marked by worship anthems that have resonated globally, is eager to embark on this new tour.

“One of the most amazing parts about faith for me is that it has no boundaries. There are no borders it can’t cross, no language’s it can’t speak, and no hearts it can’t touch… and in our faith we have been given the gift of worship, a universal language, a song. That is the heart behind the Holy Forever World Tour.” expressed Tomlin.

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