Christian School Teacher Accused of having Sex with Two Students

An arrest warrant acquired by Fox News Digital alleges that An Alabama math teacher at a private Christian school had sex with two teenage boys who were both her students.

Chrystal Frost, a 35-year-old married mother of three resigned from Crenshaw Christian Academy last month following allegations that she had been seen exchanging explicit photos with a student on Snapchat.

After Frost announced her resignation on August 24, the school reported her alleged crime to the Luverne Police Department who subsequently opened an investigation into the case.

According to a police report, “Frost sent an obscene photo and asked that the student send a photo from the abs down.”

An unnamed source informed the school that the 15-year-old student identified as GT, had a “nude breast photo of the math teacher on his phone,” which he had shared with some classmates.

After being confronted by an administrator, Frost, allegedly “admitted to a different photo she sent to the cheerleaders where she pulled her Nike shorts up high allowing her butt cheeks to show, took the picture and sent it as a joke.”

In an  August 29 interview, GT acknowledged that his teacher had offered him sex after sending him the pornographic image. They met at least four times for the sick tryst on a plot of land owned by his family in Pike County.

On another occasion, when he went to feed the dogs as part of his chores, she met him and “performed oral sex on him” in a car. The student said he put an end to the disturbing relationship in early summer.

Police located a second 16-year-old student identified as AP. He had been Frost’s student the year before. According to reports, Frost preyed on him using the same strategies. Frost reportedly gave him a picture of her breasts after he began homeschooling and then asked if he knew where to have sex.

The two met on a farm only once, where they allegedly had oral sex and intercourse. “The teacher made no conversations with him from arrival to ending of the sexual contact,” the report said. After the encounter, Frost allegedly sent two more lewd images before blocking him on Snapchat.

Frost apparently admitted to the heinous behavior during a police interrogation and was taken into custody. She is charged with going to meet a child for an unlawful sex act, electronic child solicitation, two counts of a school employee engaging in a sex act, and two counts of a school employee distributing obscene material to a student.

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