Christians Are God’s Witnesses

Christians Are God's Witnesses

Christians Are God’s Witnesses.

Christians Are God’s Witnesses: Many Christians and churches of Christ are suffering from lack of direction. We are all important to God, and he cares about us.

Every single one of us has a purpose here on earth, so let’s find it. Every gift that we have in our lives is important.

As children of God, everything that we do should glorify him because we are representing him. When you’re talented, gifted, or even beautiful, both God and the devil want you.

The enemy is building his army to take over the world, like many places are normalizing sins. Some places are banning the preaching of gospels, and Christianity is mostly mocked on social media.

This is the time for us Christians to stand up for Christ because that’s our duty. We are not expected to behave like the rest of the world, for we are selected to be special.

Even at school, the workplace, social media, or at home, we are to represent God all the time. Most times, we don’t have to preach with our mouths if we behave right, which will influence others to copy us.

Going to church and reading the Bible is not enough because we have to live it out. Everyone is looking at us at all times, so let us influence them to accept Jesus Christ.

We are to be like Jesus Christ.Christians Are God's Witnesses pt2

When anyone looks at us, let them see Jesus Christ through our behaviors. Jesus Christ was loving and kind all the time when he was on earth. He had a good heart.

As his children, we must be like our father in heaven all the time. When we go out or interact with people, let’s be godly, loving, and kind.

Being godly is not as hard as the world has painted it; being a godly person is the best decision on earth. Jesus Christ knew that we needed help here on earth, so he sent us the Holy Spirit.

We must depend on the spirit of God in order to be just like Jesus Christ. Many people have claimed that it is impossible to please God, but that’s a lie.

If we listen to God’s voice all the time and obey it in our lives, that will help us. Our heavenly father is interested in everything that we do here on earth, and if we invite him, he’ll come inside.

God is always at the door of our hearts, and he’s knocking all the time, so let’s open our hearts to him. There will be challenges in life, but our God is bigger than anything, and he is powerful.

As Christians, we are not to please our friends or families, but only God does. There is nothing going on in our lives that God is not aware of, so we have to trust.

Life can be rough, but God is always with us, and he will heal us in areas where we are broken. Certain challenges, troubles, and crises are permitted by Go so that we can grow.

Tell Your Testimony 

Christians Are God's Witnesses pt3

When God has done great things for you, remember to thank him, but sometimes we don’t appreciate it. God wants us to give thanks to him all the time because that shows that we are grateful.

As Christians, when we see someone struggling in life, let us lend help and encourage the person in life. Instead of judging, we have to correct in love and pray for the person.

We can share our testimonies to encourage other people around us instead of bragging. Most modern Christians are not sharing their testimonies to encourage others, but instead they use them to brag.

There is nothing that we have here on earth that is ours because everything belongs to God. Everything we have is given to us for a reason, and we must find it.

We’ll always be the witnesses of the Lord until we leave the earth, so our duty is to spread the gospel and please God.


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