Churches allegedly pay surplus honorarium to Hillsong Church

Brian Houston Founding pastor of Hillsong Church
Brian Houston Founding pastor of Hillsong Church
Churches allegedly pay surplus honorarium annually to Hillsong Church in an effort to be part of a network known as Hillsong Family.

Over 30 Churches across the world allegedly rewarded up to $100,000  to Hillsong church every year. This however is in an attempt to be part of a global honorarium scheme. Pastors also were reported to earn more through the scheme. A whistleblower disclosed that the global megachurch earns up to $ 1 million dollars from the honorarium scheme.

A document by Andrew Wilkie disclosed a list of the churches that have paid to be part of the Hillsong Family. The Independent member of the Australian Parliament presented the list before the parliament. The document however was part of his proof for the claimed Hillsong’s money laundering and tax evasion

Several churches across the world were outlined in the document. Among which includes: Calvary Church, Grace City Church, Churchome, and so on

On Sunday, the church parishioners were addressed on a report accusing the church of money laundering, tax evasion, and misuse of church funds as well as the alleged surplus honorarium scheme.

Addressing the report, Phil Dooley The global church pastor said “If mistakes were made, we will be upfront about them. We will not shy away from them. We will own them as a church.” He also denied being a member of the scheme as accused. He nevertheless admitted to having received an honorarium but pointed out that he never requested any.

“The information … states that I was part of a celebrity preachers’ reciprocal honorarium rort, and then mentions that I received honorariums. This is fully declared income and the small sums we’ve received by way of honorarium are declared, as is required by law…”. “I’ve never asked for any honorarium and never expected an honorarium for speaking”  Dooley said.

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