Victoria Osteen: Find Your Worth Through Jesus Christ

Today we present you with a message from Pastor Victoria Osteen titled, “Find Your Worth Through Jesus Christ.”

Pastor Victoria teaches us in this message that we have to find our worth in Jesus Christ. We have to place our identity and value in Jesus Christ because that has external value. We don’t have to place our value on temporary things. Jesus Christ overcame everything, and we must follow in his footsteps because Jesus knows who he is.

There are a lot of things in this world that try to steal our identities, and things that we want to put our identities on. Maybe there are celebrities that inspire you and you want to be like them, but the greatest celebrity that we have to look up to is Jesus Christ. The devil knows we have value in Jesus Christ and that he has temporary value here on earth, and his days are coming to an end. The Devil is aware that he has a limited amount of time, which is why he is working extra hard to throw us off course. He does not have a place in our lives; he may slow us down, but he’s never going to stop us because God has marked us with a purpose and destiny in Jesus Christ.

One of the greatest temptations that the Devil uses is to place a counterfeit on our value; he tries to decrease our value and our worth. He knows that if he can rip apart our value and worth, it will deteriorate our purpose. Example: If you have something valuable and you tear it down, it will have no value. If you lose your purpose, you won’t shine brightly on earth. We must understand that our identity is found in Jesus Christ. We have to take time to feed on the word of God and let him lift our spirits. We cannot find our identity or strength in our possessions in this world.

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