Creflo Dollar: How Much Does God Really Care About You?

We bring you today’s message from Pastor Creflo Dollar, which is titled “How Much Does God Really Care About You?”.

Pastor Dollar teaches us in this message how much God really cares about us. Sometimes we forget how much he really cares about us because we are in difficult times and facing some challenges. God wants us to be happy; you don’t have to miss one for the other. What to do when you feel that God doesn’t care and it might be something you’ve been hiding because you feel forgotten We have to understand that God never promised some of the things excepted from him. Many believers have gotten the message that if God cared, life would be easy and that if God really cared, problems would go away and they could have anything that they wanted. What God promised was his presence and peace in the middle of trouble. We have to train our faith to stay strong in God when we are going through difficult times. We must know that when we face trouble or challenges, it is not because God does not love us or that we have done something wrong.

As humans, we often think that once we become Christians, life will become easy automatically. God allows us to go through situations because we need to learn something for our next level. God promised us that he would be with us through the hard times, but there must be challenges. God has given us the Holy Spirit to teach us everything that we need to know. Depending on God is the only way that we can go through hard times and come out successful.


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