Creflo Dollar: Understanding the Essence of Grace – Episode 2

We bring you today’s message from Pastor Creflo Dollar, which is titled Understanding the Essence of Grace, Episode 2″.

Pastor Dollar teaches us in this sermon about grace and why we have to understand its essence. Jesus Christ died so that we could have a close relationship with God. We are now living under the new covenant, which is grace; everything we have is not because of our hard work. Pastor Dollar said, “My faith is not the mechanics of I’ve got to do these 50 things or to work; my faith doesn’t require that, but one thing I believe God loves me, it’ll work because I know God loves me; it worked because I knew he loved me; it doesn’t work because I know I said it 10 times; it works because I know he loves me; and if I’m saying it 10 or 20 times, it’s because I’m convinced on the inside that his love is real, and that’s coming out of me, not mechanically, but the very essence of who he is moving in me.” Grace is the abounding provision of the unrestricted operation of the love of God that works through Jesus Christ for mankind, especially for those who depend on him. Grace is God’s provision for the spiritual insufficiency that was left by Adam and Eve, so everything that happened because of what they did Grace is the spiritual provision for the spiritual realm. Grace is responsible for your new man’s nourishment. When we get born again, we get this new man. He gave us a new creation. He’s responsible for supplying the nourishment of that new creation so that whatever we are inside, we have access to in our lives. So Grace ministers righteousness right here, and Grace ministers redemption right here. Grace ministers everything that your old man lacked and your new man has, and the grace of God is the nourishment for everything you’re going to need in life, and it is put in the bank, if you will. You know you have a food bank; you have this bank where God deposits everything by grace in you that you’ll ever need.


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