SBC Leader Under Attack Over Convention Sermon

SBC Leader Todd Unzicker gives the convention sermon at SBC Annual Meeting in New Orleans June 14
SBC Leader Todd Unzicker gives the convention sermon at SBC Annual Meeting in New Orleans on June 14


Southern Baptist Convention leader Todd Unzicker has come under heavy attack following his Wednesday sermon at the SBC Annual Meeting in New Orleans.
While delivering his sermon on Wednesday morning, the executive director and treasurer of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina condemned a “divisive group” resulting in several individuals’ backlash.
Shortly after talking about his ministry history in SBC, Unzicker expressed his concern about a “divisive group” who “live more for the convention than the mission.
“He asked, “Will we be on mission together to reach others or are we going to incessantly fight and quarrel? Are we going to give weight to people in this convention who tweet more than they tithe? Who post more than they pray?
“What if we spent half the amount of time tweeting and posting on Facebook and spent that time sharing the Gospel, soul-winning? What if we spent half the time reading and reacting to the daily airing of grievances and, instead, we got serious about making disciples?”
“Are we going to be shaped by divisive groups on social media” and those who “sue the saints or are we going to be a people who sow seeds of the Gospel?”
Unzicker later continued his sermon. He quoted several bible verses, proclaiming that “God will destroy racial pride.”
While Unzicker’s sermon was cheered by many, it, however, didn’t go well with others.
In a Thursday Twitter Post, Terri Green, a conservative Christian activist condemned Unizicker’s sermon, declaring it a “slander! Todd Unzicker… in his “sermon” just called whistle-blowers and people with concerns liars and of Satan, she wrote.
“He made accusations that people like me are prayerless and do not tithe to our churches. His list included anyone who tweets concerns, anyone who questions what is taught at the seminaries, Founders Ministries, and anyone who may not be on board with SBC elite decisions. This is the state of the SBC. Slander is dressed as sermons. Get out.”
Dotson Memorial Baptist Church senior pastor Jim Cummings took to Facebook Thursday to denounce the leader’s sermon.
“When and if a pastor matures he learns that the pulpit is not to be used to rant about your enemies and mock them. When and if a believer matures he has more discernment to recognize when one is using the pulpit in this ungodly way. Those who have never matured will cheer. This was evident in Todd Unzicker’s convention message,” he stated.
“The immaturity and flesh filled message was cheered by some, but grieved by many. Brothers and sisters, I’m not speaking as one who has never preached that way,” he added. “But over the years I’ve learned it is much better to simply preach the biblical text and let the Holy Spirit use the Word as He sees fit, instead of going on a childish rant.”



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