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David Imonitie is a Nigerian investor and serial entrepreneur. He was born on July 2nd, 1983 Maryville, Missouri, United States of America.  Born into a Christian where his parents were Pastors his parents moved back to Nigeria. At the age of 10, they moved again to the United States of America. He grew up with two of his sisters, unfortunately he lost one of his sisters in 2021.  At the age of 20, during his sophomore year, his life took a different turn as he resorted to crime. He got caught stealing from a departmental but was bailed out by his parents.

David Imonitie
David Imonitie

One thing that David admits is that “Life is a process that you have to go through and grow through.” According to David, mistakes can help people learn and grow.

His faith also helped him move forward. He would read proverbs at the end of the day during his childhood. One proverb that stood out, and David still reminds himself of to this day is, ‘As he thinketh in his heart, so is he.’ This proverb illustrates David’s use of the Law of Attraction. This today is one of the principles that is guiding his foundation.


David started his education in Nigeria, however, having moved to the United States at the age of 10, he had his high school and college in Texas.


At the age of 20, David welcomed a daughter through his then girlfriend. He had confessed that his daughter is the driving force of his success in the network marketing industry.

In 2016, David got married to his ex-wife Shanel Cooper Sykes who is a Christian life coach. However, the marriage did not last, as the couple were involved in a very messy divorce in 2020. Shanel had gone live on Instagram to demand for the $100k alimony that was due to her.

However, he is a father to two lovely girls.


Today, David is one of the top earners in the Organo Gold Network Marketing. He is currently the #1 African American income earner in the direct sales industry. In addition, he comes in today as the 7th highest income earner worldwide. out of 150 million people within that industry,

However, his success story today is not without ups and downs, as he had started his own multilevel marketing and failed at it. He joined the Organo Gold Network Marketing and quit after 4 years. He later went back to the Organo and it took him 5 years to become one of the top earners.

It was at the age of 27 that Mr. David made his first million when he transitioned into the coffee industry and had struck gold. He is currently earning over  $10,380,000 dollars in personal income in one year.

David is also the Chairman at the IM Mastery Academy which is a Multilevel Marketing entity. He joined the academy in 2016 and has cut his teeth in the industry.  According to him, the secret behind his success has been a principle he learnt years ago which is we BECOME what we THINK about.

“The difference between earning six figures and eight in this industry is not just a work ethic, it’s 1000% MINDSET. If you can develop the Mindset of an 8-Figure earner then you will be just that.”

He is the founder of BelieveNation, a forum that seeks to enhance people’s quality of life by educating them about values and concepts that he has built his foundations upon. 

David Imonite is known for his leadership in the network marketing Industry and has helped to build organizations exceeding 150k in his career.


This super entrepreneur  is a writer as and has authored one of the best-sellers. The Book; Conceive, Believe, Achieve is a business  book that explains the key attributes of successful entrepreneurs.

According to David ‘My chief aim in life is to positively impact the lives of over one billion people with my voice and appearances and to teach people how to truly conceive, believe and achieve their life’s purpose.”


David Imonitie is estimated to be worth over $23 million and is currently the highest earning African American in the MLM industry.

Here are some of the David’s guiding principles

The Law of Attraction: According to David, one key to success is to continuously hold your vision and acting on it. You have to follow through your vision and see to it that it gets accomplished. His suggestions are these:

a. Begin with the end goal in mind.

b. Fail forward – learn from failures and move forward.

c. Repeat the end result in mind.

d. Be persistent and consistent. Persistence is the seed for faith.

e. Do the activities or tasks that will help you reach your goal.

David recommends placing the future you into your present world. List three things that you will do to physically experience your future.

2. The Power of Proximity: On this second principle, David says “Be humble enough to follow someone who has what you want.” He calls this The Power of Proximity. He also recommends:

a. Place yourself in the right environment. Position yourself in the environment and lifestyle you want for yourself.

b. Build relationships daily. Make a list of five people you will contact today.

c. Utilize those relationships to further build relationships of people who can bring you closer to your goal.


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