Don’t Be Fooled By The World

Don't Be Fooled By The World:

Don’t Be Fooled By The World

Don’t Be Fooled By The World: In many ways the rest of the world is trying to make sure that we behave like them. Sins are being normalized in many parts of the world but we must be careful.

They are doing their best to make the sinful life to appear fun so that we might desire it. The lifestyle of world might appear fun at the moment but it’s full of regrets in the future.

Addictions like drugs, pornography, gambling,  lying, stealing, complaining, doubting they are all destructive. As children of God we must behave in a way that will bring glory to the name of God.

We are representing God here on earth so we must be careful about our lifestyle. We can still have fun but let it be in godly way like going for fellowship, christian concerts, painting class, dinner with friends or family and so on.

There are godly ways that we can have fun that are more beneficial than the worldly life style. Godly lifestyle will lead you to a path of bright future of no regrets.

The Way We Live Matters

Don't Be Fooled By The World pt2

Some people thinks that godly lifestyle is boring but that’s not true. The lifestyle that God wants us to live is the life that is full with peace and happiness.

We must put God first in our lives because we can only live godly life when we have him in us. As Christians we must be loving and forgiving to people around us.

Complaining is not a habit that is excepted in a child of God but instead pray to him about him. Children of God does not judge but we correct people in love and bring them back to the Lord.

If we see someone living in a bad way instead of judging and condemning let’s pray for them. When God sees how well we are living that will make him proud.

God will pour down his blessings when he sees us representing him well. Everything that the devil meant for harm God will turn it to our favor.

Our lifestyle can attract people to us and we will bring them back to Jesus Christ. Our heavenly father has given us duty on earth and that is to bring back the lost soul.

Sometimes preaching with words doesn’t work when your lifestyle is bad so develop godly life.

Godly Lifestyle Is The Ultimate

Don't Be Fooled By The World pt3

Have you seen a true christian in Christ that is worried about owing debts in gambling? You will never see a christian running from the police or looking for money to buy the next hard drugs.

Christians have the most peaceful lifestyle, they might not be wealthy but they are always happy and have peace of mind.

When Christians have challenges in their life instead of complaining and getting depressed they give it to God. People who worship God in truth and in spirit are people that has peace of mind no matter what they are facing.

Christian lifestyle is filled with love and understanding because our heavenly father commanded us to love one another. We have to make the right decision so that we can make heaven.

God the father wants us all to make heaven so that we can be with him so our lifestyle really matters. Praying, reading the bible,be at peace with everyone,  loving our neighbours and enemies  is what God is excepting from us.

Surround yourself with people that will help you to grow in every areas of yourself. Spiritual growth is important and so others financial, intellectual and emotional maturity.


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