Fred and Anna Porter Celebrate 10th Wedding Anniversary With Heartfelt Tributes

Fred and Anna Porter Celebrate 10th Wedding Anniversary With Heartfelt Tributes

Fred and Anna Porter Celebrate 10th Wedding Anniversary With Heartfelt Tributes

Kingdom Culture Church pastor Fred Porter and his wife, Anna Porter, are fused with excitement as they celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.

In a social media post that has captured hearts online, the couple penned touching tributes to each other, expressing their deep love and appreciation for their journey together.

Fred shared a message filled with both joy and vulnerability, recounting their love story from the very beginning. He fondly remembers Anna as his “first girlfriend, first kiss, my first and only love.” He acknowledges that their marriage hasn’t been without challenges, stating, “Our marriage almost didn’t last 2015, but God gives his grace to those in covenant, and we limped onwards.”

The post goes on to celebrate the arrival of their daughter, Myca, and the profound impact it has had on their love. “In our tenth year of marriage, we become parents to Myca, and I didn’t know it was possible, but I have fallen more in love with you. Seeing you care for our daughter makes my heart explode, and I become that young lad in the park all over again, gazing at you, hoping that maybe I had a puncher’s chance at taking you on a date,” the post reads.

Looking ahead, the post exudes optimism and commitment. He declares, “I am in this with you for life, and every year that goes by, I will thank the Lord for another year of having the honor of being your husband.” He humorously admits to being “super sappy” but remains unapologetic about his love and admiration.

Similarly, Anna shared a heartfelt Instagram message, acknowledging their inevitable conflicts, joy, and shared experiences.

Her post further reveals a remarkable dedication to their faith and community. She writes, “We planted a church and are now the Senior Pastors of that church.”

She acknowledges also that the arrival of their daughter added another layer of joy to their story. “We’ve had a baby, and couldn’t imagine life without her,” she writes.

The message overflows with gratitude for their shared journey. She expresses her love for the memories they’ve built together and their excitement for the future. “I love our life and I love that we get to do this again for another 10, 20, 30, 40 years!” she declares.


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