Dr. David Jeremiah’s ‘Why The Nativity?’ Film Hits a Record-breaking Impact

Dr. David Jeremiah’s ‘Why The Nativity?’ Film Hits a Record-breaking Impact

Dr. David Jeremiah’s Christmas film, “Why the Nativity?”, has shattered expectations, reaching millions with the Gospel message and witnessing a record-breaking impact.

Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries founder has taken to social media to highlight the significant impact of “Why The Nativity?”, a fascinating film that presents details of people and events that surround the Christmas story.

Its progressive impact includes the translation of the movie which was originally available in English and Spanish into four new languages, including Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, and Telugu, and expanding potential audience by 2 billion people.

Jeremiah reported however that The Hindi and Telugu versions aired in India, drawing in over 247 million viewers. “As a result, our Indian call centers received 16,482 calls,” He noted. “From those calls, 2,377 people received prayer and 1,836 prayed for salvation!”

Additionally, The film records 123 times global broadcasts with its website being accessed by 20 countries. It also racked up 2.7 million views across platforms, while an impressive 17.6 million social media followers engaged with the content.

“In 2023, between YouTube, the Turning Point App, and WhytheNativity.org the film was viewed 2.7M times. Totaling 20.4M views between 2022 and 2023, Jeremiah emphasized.” “Our Why the Nativity? social media content reached 17.6 million people on Facebook and Instagram.”

Furthermore, 6,300 requests were made for the Why the Nativity? Church and Small Group Digital Resource Kits, totaling 10,600 requests since its launch in 2022.

Conclusively,7,433 people joined the first-ever YouVersion reading plan featuring a five-day Christmas devotional with content from Why the Nativity?

Dr. Jeremiah, overwhelmed with gratitude, recognized the collective effort behind the film’s impact

“Together, we are reaching people in difficult-to-reach, war-torn places of the world. Places you or I may never physically be able to go and tell people the Good News. But together–we can reach them–with the hope of the Nativity, in their own language,” he wrote

“Thank you, again, for the part you played in supporting this evangelistic outreach through prayer and giving—for your hand in helping multitudes find Christ at Christmas”


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