Episcopal Church Bishop Michael Curry Hospitalized

The presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, Michael Curry is reportedly hospitalized for internal bleeding and an irregular heartbeat.

The 70-year-old Bishop was admitted to a hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina, over Memorial Day weekend. He was examined for internal bleeding and a heart issue reports Episcopal News  Service.

“Curry’s internal bleeding is under control, and additional test results are expected later this week. He has been receiving treatment for atrial fibrillation (AFib), which was detected in an annual physical.”

“While in the hospital, Curry experienced two other episodes of irregular heartbeat, and he will wear a heart monitor to determine what further treatment is necessary,” stated the report.

Curry has been discharged according to the statement. He however will continue to be monitored by medical professionals. Until Curry is cleared for air travel, he  will continue to stay in Raleigh “resting and working from home on a reduced schedule.”

“As more information becomes available regarding Curry’s health and schedule, his staff will provide updates. Please pray for a full and speedy recovery — and for Curry’s medical team as they identify the best course of treatment,” it concluded.

Michael Curry is the first African American presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. He has been occupying the ecclesiastical position since his consecration in 2015. He is to serve a nine-year term, which will end in 2024 summer. While on sit, the Episcopal membership declined from approximately 1.77 million members in 2015 to around 1.67 million in 2021

“God is not finished with The Episcopal Church yet. What God has done in the past, God can do again. God, Who parted Red Seas, can do it all over again. The God Who raised the dead to life can do it all over again,” Curry declared at the 2015 consecration service.

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