Ex-Psychic Responds to Raven-Symoné’s ‘Psychic’ Claims

Ex-Psychic Responds to Raven-Symoné’s ‘Psychic’ Claims: After actress Raven-Symoné recently mentioned having “psychic” moments, an ex-psychic who met Jesus and abandoned the occult is coming out and providing a warning.

Jenn Nizza, a former psychic who hosts the podcast “Ex-Psychic Saved,” believes Symoné’s latest comments about “energy fields,” “visions,” and “spirit guides” are alarming.

“Humans have the ability in their brain to tap into energy fields that allow for truth to connect when you know how to translate it correctly,” Symoné reportedly said on a recent podcast. “I can walk into a room and read the room. People might not think that’s psychic, but what that is, is reading energy. And energy is in the psychic plane, because it’s not on a physical, material plane.”

These comments concerned Nizza, especially given Symoné’s ties to the Disney Channel.

“The first thing I thought … was, we have somebody who brings a lot of nostalgia to the 22-year-olds, the younger people who, of course, are attached to Disney,” Nizza said. “And now she’s talking all about the paranormal. … This is reaching the youth.”

She speculated that some young adults may be drawing parallels between Symoné’s character on “That’s So Raven,” who possessed psychic skills, and the actress’ most recent comments in light of that.

“This is a huge problem for me … and a huge problem for the youth who have that nostalgic feeling towards her,” Nizza said. “Because the things that she’s talking about are demonic.”

The former psychic believes the comments represent a “baby God” worldview that pervades culture today, in which people see themselves as possessing tremendous power and exceptional talents.

“Jesus is the truth,” she said. “Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. We cannot come up with these things and say that we are the truth tellers here.”

The former medium, who spent decades in the occult, warned of the dangers of engaging in the kinds of experiences and behaviors described by Symoné.

“Information is being downloaded by demons when you are getting psychic information,” Nizza said. “What she’s talking about is psychic information that a lot of people have had … I was doing it for years, and it’s literally demons feeding you this information.”

Nizza said demons have been “around for ages” and pushed back on those who might frame psychic information as being a “gift” to human beings. Instead, she said those who experience these phenomena have, at some point, permitted the demonic realm to impact their lives.

“This is not built into us,” she said. “This is not a gift from God, and we weren’t born as psychics.”

Nizza’s main concern is the real danger of celebrities embracing the occult so openly is that they end up “sucking other people into this demonic practice.”

When a person doesn’t “subscribe to any authority” and believes he or she is his or her “own God,” Nizza said it becomes problematic.

“That is so dangerous, because you are getting further away from the one true God, and then you’re getting into that spiritual oppression, demonic attacks,” she said. “It seems great in the beginning … because Satan masquerades as an angel of light.”

Speaking on the concept of “spirit guides,” Nizza explained her belief these are demons pretending to be helpful to human beings.

“The spirit guide is nothing more than a demon pretending to be there for you to help you,” she said. “When I was a psychic medium, I believed my spirit guide was filtering when I was doing readings … filtering spirits in and out, so they would keep the bad spirits out, but the good ones could come in.”

However, Nizza stated that she eventually realized this wasn’t the truth and began to fully understand the spiritual dimension. Keep an eye out for her response to Symoné’s words above.


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