Exonerated Colorado Priest Reinstated Into Service

Exonerated Colorado Priest Reinstated Into Service
Exonerated Colorado Catholic Priest Rev. Michael O’Brien Reinstated Into Service


The Colorado Catholic priest  Rev. Michael O’Brien who was put on leave in September 2021 following an accusation of involving in a sexual assault has been exonerated and reinstated into service by Denver Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila
O’Brien who served in St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Aspaen from 2002 to 2011 was accused of sexual assault leading to his subsequent placement on leave.
However, according to a June 5 Denver News release, O’Brien was restored to service following an April criminal investigation by the Aspen Police Department and the 9th Judicial District Attorney’s Office that find no evidence of wrongdoing and a subsequent recommendation from the Archdiocesan Review Board.
The diocesean leader, Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila restored Fr. O’Brien into ministry. He is to resume service on 1st July at  St. Anthony of Padua in Julesburg and St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Crook as the Pastor.
“I am writing to you to inform you that the Archdiocese’s internal investigation into this matter is now complete, and it has been established there is no evidence of any wrongdoing by Fr. O’Brien. I have been advised by the Archdiocese of Denver Review Board to fully restore Fr. Michael’s priestly faculties, which upon receiving this advice I immediately did.”
“The effect of this is that Fr. Michael is now able to resume his responsibilities as your pastor,” Aquila, wrote in a letter addressed to St. Anthony of Padua and St. Peter’s Catholic Church.
Aquilla further expressed gratitude to O’Brien for his “patience and faithfulness during the challenging 20-month period of waiting for this matter to conclude.”
“His fortitude in the face of a false accusation has been inspiring to me and to the other priests in the Archdiocese who unfortunately have to live in fear of a false charge like this impacting or even destroying their vocation and good name,” he added
He also urged the congregations to support the priest as he returns to active ministry. He also extended his gratitude to those who prayed for the priest while undergoing trials.


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