“Fight For What You Have Built” – Prophet Lovy Elias

"Fight For What You Have Built" - Prophet Lovy Elias

“Fight For What You Have Built” – Prophet Lovy Elias

Prophet Lovy Elias recently delivered a powerful sermon titled “Am I Building or Destroying?” in which he imparted invaluable wisdom on the dynamics of relationships.

Elias emphasized a profound truth: it is often more advantageous to prioritize harmony and preservation within relationships, even if it means conceding being wrong. He eloquently articulated that safeguarding relationships should supersede the desire to prove oneself right. This sentiment underscores the profound significance of nurturing and sustaining meaningful connections with our loved ones.

Central to Elias’ message is the notion that the act of building requires intentional effort and steadfast commitment. He poignantly stated that it is easier to dismantle than to construct, urging listeners to conscientiously evaluate their actions in light of this truth. This introspective approach serves as a guiding principle in navigating conflicts and challenges within relationships.

The question posed by Elias serves as a poignant reminder for individuals to pause and reflect on the impact of their words and actions. By asking, “Am I building or destroying?” during moments of contention, individuals are encouraged to adopt a proactive mindset focused on fostering growth and unity.

Furthermore, Elias emphasized the sacred nature of what is built within relationships, attributing it to God’s will and divine purpose. He urged listeners to fiercely protect and cherish these foundations, recognizing them as blessings bestowed by a higher power.

In essence, Prophet Lovy Elias’s message serves as a beacon of wisdom for all those seeking to cultivate harmonious and enduring relationships. His words remind us of the profound responsibility we hold in nurturing and preserving the bonds that enrich our lives, urging us to approach every interaction with love, humility, and a commitment to building rather than destroying.

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