Focus On The Solution

Focus on the Solution

Focus on the solution.

Focus on the Solution: There are moments in our lives when we encounter the greatest challenges. If we are not careful, these challenges can make us lose our faith in God.

God is the solution to all our problems, so we must focus on him with all our hearts. If we want to win in this journey called life, we are not to beat ourselves up in times of trouble.

Sometimes in life, our biggest enemy can be ourselves because we allow doubts to control us. As Christians, we are serving a supernatural God, and there is nothing impossible for him to do for us.

Yes, God has the power to solve all our problems, but we must know they may not come the way we expected. There are things we can do as Christians while waiting on our Heavenly Father for a solution.

It is important for us to learn how to take responsibility in order to grow. Trusting in God is really important, but our actions are also important because, with the wrong action, there will be no miracle.

  • If you are hoping on God for employment, you are expected to write application letters and go for an interview.
  • Do you want to get out of debt? Learn how to manage your finances and make budgets. 
  • You want exam success? You must read your book in order to pass.

Our comfort is in God.

Focus on the Solution pt2

While we are expected to take on some responsibilities, our hope must be in God. Our comfort as children of the Most High is that he will provide solutions for everything that troubles us.

Always remember that God’s timing is different from ours but is always the best. Whatever we are hoping for, let’s have faith because, at the right time, he will show up.

There will be struggle and doubt, but our faith has to be stronger. Our faith is our currency for receiving things from God, so the enemy is doing his best to steal it away from us.

When fear knocks in our hearts, let’s let our faith in God answer the door. Remembering all the great things God has done in the past in our lives can help us build our faith in times of trouble.

Dwell on God’s Promises

Focus on the Solution pt3

Throughout the Bible, God made promises to us, and sometimes he made promises in our hearts. It might look impossible for those promises to come to pass, but they will when we believe.

When in doubt, dwell on the promises of our Heavenly Father. Reading the Bible is really important because it allows us to learn about God and his promises for us.

We all have God-given abilities like making decisions, having the having the power of free will, creating crafts, singing, praying, reading, and understanding.

Let’s do our best to use our God-given abilities and resources to navigate difficulties and contribute to positive outcomes.

As Christians, we must learn how to remind ourselves and others about God’s unfailing love for us. Our heavenly father promised us in the Bible that he would never leave us or forsake us.

For every trouble we face in life, there is something we are meant to learn so that we can grow. Instead of complaining, we can ask God to show us what we are meant to learn.

The basic problem that most of us have is that we do nothing to solve our problems. For us to have victory over life, we must give up excuses and multiply our commitment with our faith in God.

We must win over ourselves in order to win over the world. Making excuses for everything and complaining will only keep us in one spot with no growth.

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