Is God Still Doing Miracles Today?

Is God Still Doing Miracles Today

Is God Still Doing Miracles Today?

Is God Still Doing Miracles Today? For many of us, we are questioning the existence of God because we are not seeing miracles like before.

We have read scriptures where God divided the Red Sea and fed the Israelites for 40 years. There are many things that God has done in the Bible that have made us happy.

  • God saved Daniel from being eaten in the lion’s den.
  • God stayed with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in a fiery furnace.
  • God divided the red sea.
  • He fought for his people.
  • He helped David kill Goliath, and so on.

When Jesus Christ came on earth, he continued performing miracles because he was the son of God. There are many things that Jesus did here on earth that made many believe in his power.

  • He turned water into wine.
  • Healing of the sick
  • Raised people from dead
  • Jesus fed 5000 people.
  • He cast out demons.
  • He walked on water, and so on.

As Christians, when we read all these miracles performed by our creator, we question ourselves about whether he loves us. God will always love us because we are his children.

There will be challenges, but we must hold onto our Lord even when we don’t see miracles. The Bible told us that there will be a time when true believers will worship God in truth and spirit.

If we are waiting for God to perform miracles before we trust him, the enemy will destroy us. Miracles happen when we have faith in God, and he does them whenever he wants.

Let’s obey His will, not ours.

Is God Still Doing Miracles Today pt2

Most of us have seen people who had faith in God for healing but ended up dying. We have seen ourselves in ways we have never dreamed of being in.

Some Christians around the world are facing one trial or another every single day. Many Christians are being killed in communities that don’t support Christianity.

Developed countries now arrest Christians when they talk about Jesus Christ in public places like schools, hospitals, and streets. We have to continue having faith in God because we are his children.

As Christians, we are to do the work of him that sent us. Jesus Christ told us that the world will hate us because we serve God, but we should not be afraid, for he has overcome the world.

No matter how much they try to remove us from the face of the earth or stop us from talking about Jesus, it will not work.

The will of God will always take place because he is the creator of the universe. Even in times of trouble, we are to hold on to God with everything that we have.

If the world lets them kill us or mock us, we are not giving up on God. Even if you are deeply sick and you are hoping on God for healing, don’t stop hoping.

Even when we die because of the hatred the world has for us, that hatred will make us go to heaven. If you are sick and afraid of dying, stop being afraid, for God will take you close to him in heaven.

Our goal is heaven.

Is God Still Doing Miracles Today pt3

God is still performing miracles every day because we are still alive because of his power. The planet is still functioning because he allowed it to work every day.

For us to breathe every day is a blessing because, without the air, we are dead. It is impossible for us not to believe that God is powerful because all that he created is testifying to his goodness.

There are over thousands of living creatures—sea, land, plants, and animals—that prove that God is great. No matter what we face in life, our goal should be heaven.

When you are sick, believe in miracles, but at the same time, trust in God’s will. We are to be ready to make heaven happen every day of our lives.

As children of God, we are to focus more on his will than our own. After everything, we all have to go to our father’s house, which is heaven, so let us not lose hope.


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