God Is Watching Us

God Is Watching Us

God is watching us.

God Is Watching Us: Most of us have forgotten that God is watching us all the time, so we have to live right. We are serving the creator of the universe, and he’s powerful.

He knows everything about us, even the hidden intentions in our hearts. Our heavenly father knows that we are not perfect, but we must do our best in every way we can.

Some people just live life the way they want and claim that God understands that we’re not perfect. The fact that we are not perfect does not mean that we can live an ungodly life.

As children of the Most High God, we are expected to behave differently in every area of our lives. There are going to be moments when there will be temptations, but we have God on our side.

There is no temptation or trial that comes our way that we are not bigger than. God has promised us that when we encounter tough trials bigger than us, he will find a way to escape.

The devil is working hard every day to make us sin against God in many ways. We have to be careful about everything that we do in our everyday lives.

Be careful about who surrounds you.

God Is Watching Us pt2

If we are not careful about people around us, like friends and family, we might end up being with people who will lead us to sin.

We are not to allow the outside world to influence our lifestyle because we are living for Christ Jesus. Lying, complaining, doubting, jealousy, hatred, addictions, pornography, and cheating are not acceptable to us.

We might not be perfect, but we can improve by allowing God to work on us. Our heavenly father has given us the Holy Spirit to guide us through everything we do here on earth.

As children of God, we should not allow the rest of the world to lead us to sin. You should do your best every day to please God in everything that you do.

Remember that without faith, none of us can please God, so our faith in him is important. When we sin against God, we must do our best to repent quickly.

Most times, the enemy tricks us with guilt so that we don’t return to God. When we have sinned, our Heavenly Father is waiting for us to return to him with all our hearts because he cares about us.

It’s never the desire of God for any of us to perish in hell or here on earth. Our relationship with God should be stronger every day, for he’s the only person who cares about us.

When our friends and family want to talk us into sinning against God, let us refuse and run to God in prayer. Bad company can corrupt good manners, so when you are hanging out with the wrong people, they will influence you.

Surround yourself with people who will help you grow and improve as a Christian in the world today.

God knows all

God Is Watching Us pt3

There is nothing we can do here on earth that our heavenly father knows about. He knows our hearts and minds, so we must think like God.

No matter what we are facing here on earth, we know that God sees it all. We are children of God, and he’s interested in whatever we are going through in life.

God knows when we are lying and when we have bad intentions in our lives. Let’s do our best to have the best intentions in our hearts and minds.

There is nothing on this earth that we can hide from Go, for he’s the creator of the whole universe. Remember that God is always watching us, so let’s behave right with the help of the Holy Spirit.

He will put us in shame if we put all our trust in him. Without faith, it is impossible to please God and do the right things all the time.

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