Live Accordingly

Live Accordingly

Live Accordingly

Live Accordingly: The way we live here on earth is really important because we are representing God. If our lifestyle is not godly, it is time to make some changes because we won’t make heaven with a bad lifestyle.

Currently, in the world today, a bad lifestyle is the type of lifestyle that looks interesting. Everyone wants to live that kind of life where there are no consequences to their actions.

Fornication, addictions, cheating, lying, jealousy, greed, hatred, and so on are things that live inside many of us. How are we going to make it to heaven with those bad traits inside of us?

Some people have normalized pornography and masturbation without fearing God. We must understand that God is powerful, so he’s the only person who can destroy our body and soul.

As children of God, let’s make our lives an example to those in the world. When they see us, let them see Jesus Christ in every area of their lives.

When the rest of the world has normalized hatred, let us do our best to live in love. Let’s be more forgiving and caring toward one another, for the God we serve is the God of love.

Instead of being judgmental, let’s learn how to correct in love so that we can bring them to God.

We are living for God.

Live Accordingly pt2

One thing we should always remember is that we are not living for ourselves. As Christians, we are living for God, so we must live in the world of the Lord who sent us.

We are to live in peace with everyone around us and show more love to others. We can’t love other people if we don’t love God and ourselves.

When we love God, we will make sure to desire to please him all the time. With the love of God in our lives, we are made to obey all his commandments.

Love yourself so that you can love the people around you. If you hate yourself, that will make you not love other people.

Our other duty here on earth is to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus to the world. As children of God, we must do our best to bring the rest of the world to our Lord Jesus Christ.

God knows that we are not perfect, but we must do our best to please him. He has given us the Holy Spirit to guide us through everything here on earth.

Our flesh wants us to sin against God so many times, so that’s why Paul instructed us to kill our flesh’s desires. If bad desires come into our minds or hearts, let us cast them away with the blood of Jesus.

Remember, once we have surrendered our lives to God, from that moment on, we are not living for our flesh. Our human body’s desires can lead us to the path that will destroy us, so let’s listen to God instead.

Our heavenly Father will never deceive us or put us in shame when we put all our trust in him. We have the Holy Spirit inside of us to help us live a godly life when we allow him.

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