God’s Foolishness Is Better Than Wisdom Of Man

God's Foolishness Is Better Than the Wisdom of Man

God’s foolishness is better than the wisdom of man.

God’s Foolishness Is Better Than the Wisdom of Man: Sometimes in life, there are going to be moments when trusting God doesn’t make sense.

Life problems can be challenging, and trusting God will make you feel foolish. For example, Sarah and Abraham felt the same when God promised them a son in their old age.

God knows what we need, and he will give it to us when the time is right. Trusting God is really important in our lives as Christians because he is the one who created the earth.

When God told Noah to build an ark, people thought that Noah was foolish. No one believed Noah when he told them about the flood coming.

Noah doesn’t know if the flood is going to come or not because there was no sign of that. Noah refused to listen to people who didn’t believe him and wanted to talk him out of believing God.

God’s promises in our lives might take a long time for them to come, but he will fulfill them. There are so many people in the Bible who trusted God, and he didn’t put them to shame.

Daniel trusted God with all his heart when he was thrown into the lion den, and he was saved. He did not stop praying to God when the king gave orders not to pray to God.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego trusted God when they refused to bow down to the idol image of the king. They were threatened with being thrown into fire, but they still trusted God completely, and they got saved.

We are going to face life-threatening situations, but our faith in God should not be shaken. God knows about everything that we are going through in life.

Our faith in God is our currency.

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God wants us to understand that our faith is our currency for getting things from him. Our faith in God will take us places and deliver us from life problems.

Even going after the dreams that God has placed in our lives requires the application of faith. The devil wants us to lose our faith in God because he knows that without faith we are not getting things.

God uses faith to bring great things into our lives, but the devil uses worry to bring bad things. Go after your dream job and life with the faith of getting them; don’t let worry hold you back.

Even if you didn’t get what you hoped for, like your dream job, keep trusting God because greater things will come.

Maybe you have been sick for a long time and you are losing faith in God for your healing. Don’t give up. God can heal you completely if you keep trusting him.

Right habits with faith in God can save us.

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If you want to get out of debt, develop the right habits, like saving, and put your faith in God. Stop buying things you don’t need just because you are comparing yourself to others. Be happy with what God has given you and stay out of debt.

If you want to be healthy, take the right actions, like exercise, eat healthy, and put your faith in God. God has given us the power of free will to make decisions. He knows that making decisions can be hard sometimes; that’s why he gave us the Holy Spirit.

Trust God’s promises for your life, no matter what is going on in your life right now. As God promised you healing, you are still sick. Keep trusting him and doing the right things, like having healthy habits.

God might promise you financial freedom; believe him and still do your best to stay out of unnecessary debts. If you believe in God for a transformed life and there are no signs, just keep trusting him.

Always remember that God’s way is different from ours, and he knows what is best for us. Don’t let people talk you out of trusting God with all your heart. His foolishness is better than the wisdom of the world’s most wise man.


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